Bloody Nora, that’s a big Obsidium Vein…

  • Recovering from NaNoWriMo, even though I have not actually finished my Novel, per se. To ‘win’ you need to hit 50,000 words, which I did this morning… but I’ve nowhere near done. I’m not even into Act Three. I will therefore be continuing to write, but now without any of the clock-watching or frustration that I was last month.
  • Working out what I am actually going to do when 4.3 hits, because frankly I’ve not actually given it much thought. I don’t doubt there’ll be some faffing in 5 Mans, and in the 10 Man, but apart from that I’m not really as organised as I’d like to be. I suspect the writing has something to do with this and I will spend some time this afternoon considering my options.
  • Making more money pre-patch to spend on Void Storage. A girl’s gotta have bags ^^
  • Considering getting my Palalalalaladin to 85, AGAIN :D I should rename her Procrastinate, though I am betting that’s too long :p
  • Working out who needs to complete Cataclysm Questing so I can clean up on the cash front there as well.
  • Doing Darkmoon Faire preparation. Post incoming!

One thought on “This Week, I Will Be Mostly…

  1. Toon names are limited to 14 characters. I was most pleased when I could make a Gnome Warrior named Rootintootin. Course, that was around patch 2.4 and I hated the class, so he got deleted. Cool story, I know. lol

    Void Storage and Transmog, the two things that will probably see me spend more in-game gold than ever before!


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