I appear to have caught summat unpleasant, via my kids. However this has not prevented me from trying to run a PuG Heroic today on the #2 Hunter, so it should be no hindrance either to me catching up on my IntPiPoMo. Yes, I know I am behind /shame.

Hunters. Is there anything they can’t do? :D

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: if I could retire to any Zone in game, it’s likely to be Uldum. This may seem odd for a Dwarf, raised in cold climbs, but I love the contrasts the area has to offer. There are lots of areas hidden away that you can explore, and all are full of activity. The

Ramkahen Legion Outpost, for instance, is always training soldiers for battle, and has many quiet niches where a Hunter can sit and consider her significance.
This zone needs more Huge Imposing Statues… ^^
It’s a fabulous place to fish and skin too, plus there’s never any shortage of things to do, whether it be failing to find Camel Statues flying for pleasure or failing to find Archaeology items digging. It is undoubtedly my favourite place to mine as well.

Rare Spawn spot, just after I’d killed it and it had despawned :D
It also has at least two Rare Spawns, the drops from which are always decent sellers on my server, so the area has a decent fiscal significance… but let’s face it, it’s not about the money (though it helps) It’s my love of Egyptology generally and the Lore associated that keeps this zone being interesting.

History. You can just smell it, or is that the camels…?
I remember being fascinated with Uldum well before the zone appeared, when the Discs of Norgannon lead you from Uldaman to the sealed up area to the far south of Tanaris. There were hints then of the potential power trapped to the south, and of greater secrets to be revealed by the Explorer’s League. I suspect that is the main reason why this zone’s the one that’s been completed by the most alts to date: Harrison Jones and Brann Bronzebeard can really do no wrong (dodgy voice acting talents aside of course)
Steps of Fate (above) and Obelisk of the Stars (below)
The zone is undoubtedly my favourite of all the new Cataclysm areas, and one I will never get tired of returning to. I’ll also admit that, wherever possible, I like to fly overland to arrive there and not use the SW Portal. As a result, you’ll find me flying up via the Gate of Unending Cycles.

The Gate of Unending Cycles: from Uldum and approaching from Tanaris.
I hope the new ‘zone’ in Pandaland has as much attention to detail, and as much of a sense of having always existed inside Azeroth as Uldum has.

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