So, did the taxpayer pay for Mr Bankworthy’s outfit?

Sitting on the sofa this morning, feeling sorry for myself because I have a temperature and a sore throat, I found myself considering my fiscal situation in game. Let’s be honest from the outset: I’m not a church mouse. I have a decent sum sitting in the bank (WTB [In Game Interest] ) and I do not find the business of generating cash either stressful or difficult. With 4.3 already rolling out across the US, there is likely to be lots of reasons to spend money in the coming weeks, especially as the first wave of Epic Gems and BoE Epics starts appearing on the AH. Part of me is already quietly resenting the fact I’ll need to dip into my savings to keep my Main raid-ready, but it won’t stop me doing it. What then becomes the issue is how I recoup the losses and continue to generate an income.

With a large family of alts the potential to make cash in lots of different ways is always there: farming, raw materials, specific items… you name it, I’ve done it. However at this point in the Expansion I have an option to consider that frankly looks a damn sight more attractive than it has done for a while: questing. With the shoulder enchants from Therazane stubbornly refusing to become BoA, for instance, I have a slew of Alts that don’t yet possess the rep to buy. Most of my alts still need to grind Gilneas rep to maximum, quite apart from the other Cataclysm factions that aren’t pushed to Exalted. Sitting this morning, looking at my characters on the Armoury, it occurred to me that thousands of gold are locked up in this process, and that I’m beginning to enjoy the business of grinding again after the nightmare that was the Molten Front. Oh yeah, and I STILL need the Tailoring bags and the BS patterns from there for the Mage and the Shammy…

I sat down with pen and paper and looked at three alts this morning, and the combined cash that could be generated with them alone will be more than enough to be able to sustain the upcoming high spending period. Now all I need to do is set out some proper plans: while I do the new 5 and 10 man with the Main, I can use the first alt to go quest, to grind my shoulder enchants and pull in a decent side income to boot, and if I find myself complaining that I’m bored then it’s probably time to log off altogether and go write something anyway.

I will be interested to see just how much income can be generated this way over the coming weeks.

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