At this time of year, many of my Blogging friends go all festive on me. One in particular has been great over the years at offering me alternatives to the traditional Christmas music that I’m used to, for which I am grateful every year. It was with this in mind that I thought I’d have a crack at presenting you good people with something different from Azeroth: it’s going to be a mix of past and present, of everything and anything that I’ve come across in the VERY LONG TIME that I’ve been doing this. That could be music, it could be in-game things that people don’t seem to know, and to start this whole shebang off it will be, in my opinion, the best Warcraft Instance Video ever made.

Sadly You Tube won’t allow longer than 10 mins, so it’s 2 bits :(

Once Upon a Time, before there was LFR and 10 Man Raids, there were 40 mans. After you’d wiped horribly and repeatedly for loot that never dropped with 39 people all with more DKP than you completed Molten Core and Onyxia, you’d go to Blackwing Lair… except I never did. I saw the first boss for about three weeks and then TBC was announced, and with the realisation that old content would be ‘irrelevant’ my Raiding Alliance promptly collapsed. I’ve never done it as it was intended as a result and I’m really rather sad I didn’t because this video still sends chills down my spine. This was the first time I’d seen a Horde team in action as well, I’d never even explored the Dark Side until that point, and I still remember looking at the Female Orc Hunter and thinking ‘yes, you’re way cooler than a Dwarf, aren’t you?’

This is one of only three videos I have saved on my Hard Drive, and if this were a movie I’d probably be on my second DVD of it by now. I love it. If you’ve never seen it, you really really should, because it’s no less epic than it was when it was first made.

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