Black is, of course, the new black :D

I am back. I was, of course, still around for the majority of last month but I wasn’t really paying as much attention as normal (Novel’s still not done, taking a break, coming back to it starting Saturday) but as of yesterday my head is very much here ‘in’ the Game. As a result I am ‘behind’ on my screenie posting, but 50 will come (just not in November, but it will be completed)

I would like to apologise however for not reading nearly as much as I was, especially to all those ‘new’ people who are here now and whose Blogs I now have access to not simply as a casual observer but as someone I ‘know’. I’m still one of these people who looks at Friends Lists and only has people I’ve met on them (even if it’s only once in some cases) so I’m not about to start expounding on depth of feeling and empathy. What I will say though is it’s impressive to see that despite what some of my Guildies love to tell me that this game really isn’t on it’s last legs, in fact far from it. Yes, some notable people have gone, and it’s always sad when you lose someone on your Reading List who were clearly not only great at blogging but loved the game. However, there’s tons of great, entertaining and frankly brilliant people out there doing the business, and they’re all worth a look.

Plans this month (yes, I have a plan) involve an Advent Calender and THAT Crafting Post. I suspect there may also be the final push to level everyone who’s not 85 to get there, which means a new header (which I will do once I have better shoulders on P) I look forward to a productive and entertaining end to the Year… and the possibility of the Panda Beta sooner rather than later… :D

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