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Today, we’ll be earning a lot of you 10 Achievement Points for a quest line which, if I’m honest, has become one of my complete favourites in Game. You’ll need to head for Darkshore, and make your way to the Maw of the Void. It looks a fairly anonymous place, except for the seething mass of water below you. I’m going to ask you to cast reason aside for a moment and to throw yourself in. You heard me right: commit yourself to the void and you’ll get a cut scene. I’m pretty certain this is the earliest one you get in game to boot…

You’ll come to at the bottom of a very large cavern, the Bashal’Aran Collapse, where a single female Night Elf gives you the chance to leave. Ignore her, and kill the L12 mobs you’ll find as you make up to meet the someone rather special: Telarius Voidstrider, Herald of the Dark Embrace. It’s a Demon Hunter… in Darkshire! A sensible person would of course leave him well alone, but we are not sensible. We’re going to dispatch him because we know he’d not be down here unless there were a reason… he drops some scrolls, which start a Quest:

So, off you go to Lor’danel (which now doubles for the wrecked Auberdine post-Cataclysm) to hand in these items and to get a glimpse into the life of a woman who’s destiny is inextricably linked with one Illidan Stormrage…

Maiev Shadowsong! My favourite NPC in TBC by quite some way! Even at L12 there is foreshadowing in game, if you know where to look for it, and for your leap of faith, you’ll get an Achievement to boot.

WTB [More Quests Like This] please Blizzard, especially in Pandaland. You don’t need massive cut scenes, or new stuff, you just need to remember you have a huge and rich history to draw from…

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