Too tall, but the right weapon!

This weekend has mostly been about Heroics and the Faire, if I’m honest, but last night saw a bit of a bonus. As part of the documented changes to 4.3, quest givers are now placed inside Outland and Northrend dungeons to save all that tedious ‘who has the quests for this place’ faffing that inevitably accompanies any first trip into these places.  What wasn’t apparent was that all the old quests have been reset, thus allowing those of us who threw away our rewards back in the day a second crack. For me, when I heard this, this meant only one thing: back to Sethekk Halls and the reward I wish I’d kept: Terokk’s Quill.

I decided to run the instance in Heroic Mode (as there’s the chance of a mount drop) and discovered that there’s a new quest giver inside: an Etherial who asks me to kill the three serpents that roam the place for their eyes (and who threw 16g at me for the privilege) which makes me wonder whether he’d appear in normal mode or whether this is repeated across all the Outland dungeons. This probably requires further investigation… but after the Faire has gone.

I need to see if I can finally get that bullseye from the cannon first… :D

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