You didn’t know there was a dragon to Ravenholdt?

Yesterday morning, I did the ‘Obtain your Epic Daggers’ part of the Rogue Legendary Quest Line. Needless to say, it’s made me think about the direction I take my characters from now-on in.

Needless to say, without one the other wouldn’t have happened… ^^

It’s an INCREDIBLY hard quest line for the Casual Rogue that I am: not making any bones here. I’d not have gotten it completed AT ALL were it not for help of a very good in-game Mate and my Husband, who took his rogue through at the same time. He was kind enough to credit me with the stun on Lord Creed that finally saw us down him after many failed attempts, but I know I’d not have done the pre-fight sneak without him. The only way these Daggers will be getting an upgrade is when I can solo Dragon Soul, but having spent 10,000g on getting them I feel I ought to make some effort in gearing the Rogue and improving her skill set. Ironically she’s now my third-best geared alt in the family right now, and for large portions of the LFR I was in the top 5 for dps. There’s something I NEVER thought I’d see. Her gear however is way below optimal (though the mogged outfit’s quite special) and part of my long-term planning will be to kit her well, and fill in some of her achievement gaps. First up, getting her some relevant Cataclysm tabards to round out her reputations…

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