This weekend has been all about the rolls.

I have been waiting for Needy on P for quite some time. I have no idea how many times I have pressed Need for items in dungeons/raids since Achievements were introduced but there’s been one or two, and it finally happened yesterday in the Well of Eternity. The entire RNG system comes up for a fair bit of criticism around these parts, and having seen some frankly ridiculous Need rolls in the last week or so, I think maybe it’s time to reassess how the entire system works. If I were a Dev, this is what I’d be considering changing…

  • Dungeon Loot rolls for MS/OS need to be addressed. If (for an example) someone healed a dungeon and a healing trinket drops, and then the tank rolls for his/her OS and wins it over them… this does not seem fair. You can’t roll for OS in an LFR, it should not be acceptable in a Dungeon either. It would force people to run instances in the spec they want to gear, thus forcing them to actually L2P. That has to be a good thing.
  • Loot ‘drop frequency’ needs to be looked at. Another example: 25 man LFR, one rogue (me), Deathwing dies and drops TWO ROGUE ONLY DAGGERS. There are those who would look at this as the Ultimate Win, of course, but I found myself thinking of the other 24 poor saps who were forced to do the raid for nothing at the end. Seriously, how hard would it be to have the system check the raid composition and reward a better spread of loot as a result? This of course would mean, if you took 25 Druids into the raid, they’d all be rewarded with Druid-related loots…
  • It’s being said in various places, and I know Blizzard are looking at this, but you’d be amazed the number of times someone rolls Need on everything and wins the lot. Often this includes multiples of the same Tier Token, and if that happens you’ll have to hope someone else is paying attention and will guilt the roller into passing an item over.
  • As I believe I’ve also said elsewhere I’ve seen a Rogue roll and win all three items available for the class in LFR whilst already having all the items already equipped. People won’t be nice in LFR, they will be defensive and greedy, often regardless of their normal behaviour. This may not be as easy to deal with, but if you could find a way to see if you’re already wearing an item and then remove the person from the roll, that would be great as well.
  • RNG and pets. No, don’t start me, just DON’T. ./looks at Stolen Present. WTB Consistent System when I can exchange tokens for pets regardless of the Festival, so that doing the SAME POINTLESS EXERCISE every day rewards me eventually… ^^

I’m going off for a cup of tea and a walk, I’ll be back later… :D

3 thoughts on “Time for a Change : Loot RNG Edition.

  1. Totally agree with you on everything here, especially the stupid RNG pet thing from the Greench. I don't want another tiny green ragdoll, I bought one when they were for sale in Dalaran. I want Lumpy so that the sinking pit feeling in my stomach that gets bigger every day goes away.

    I have thought for quite a while (since Kara times at least) that loot should match the raid composition. I can't see that it would be particularly difficult to do and to me makes logical sense.


  2. LFR seems to have rules of its own and those are the rules of the wild west.

    If dice light up, you hit them. Doesn't matter if you have it or something better, doesn't matter if it is for your class or not, if you can need on it, you need on it.

    Can't blame blizzard for that completely. Blame the me me me player base that cares only about themselves.

    Smart loot would be awesome. Whenever we raid without a holy paladin every boss drops spirit plate. It is nearly guaranteed.

    The game should be smart enough to know that there are no paladin healers in the group so do not drop anything that no one in the group can use.

    We are what? 3 weeks into DS and we are already disenchanting half the drops because it is stuff people do not need. Smart loot is needed.


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