Actual AH Screenie, names removed to protect the greedy…

It is traditional at this time of year, I believe, to set out one’s stall for the year ahead. I have never been a great fan of long-term plannage as I am only too aware of how a failure to maintain such goals can lead to disappointment. However, this year I feel there may be some merit in putting some markers down, especially considering the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ the game has to offer right now. Ultimately, the countdown has begun for preparation to L90: yes, I KNOW we don’t even have a release date for Pandaland yet, but this is the End Game we’re in. That allows us a level of certainty in some areas to begin with.

1. All L85’s can earn 1000 VP a week with relative ease.

2 x Dragon Soul Raids = 500 VP
1 x BH Boss Biff  (Whirly Bird who hates everything) = 100 VP
3 x 5 Man Heroic 5 Mans = 450 VP

Cap achieved (with a remainder, of course. WTB 50 Points back kkthxbaibai!)

It should be apparent to everyone with a capably-geared alt that DS is a no-brainer for the forseeable future. Look past the chat channels, leave if you wipe on the trash before Ultraxion, be prepared for abuse and you’ll be fine. Yes, I KNOW that’s not the point of this game but it won’t be long before people consider the LFR akin to running Dailies and get their nine year olds to do it for them instead. This could of course already be happening in your household, who am I to judge how you teach your children how to game…  ^^ Until we get the World Event pre-Pandaland this is the best way to help you gear, and it’s the ONLY PLACE YOU’LL UPGRADE A WEAPON outside 10/25 man. Let’s face it, this game needs more Giant Druids and Hunters. Get thee to a LFR and stop whining.

5 Mans are good for gearing alts for LFR, enchanting mats and seeing who doesn’t understand how game mechanics work after six years… and frankly, that’s about it. There are the Darkmoon Faire items as well, and if you’re not already farming shamelessly, read this. 23,000g currently on average if you win A Treatise on Strategy? More like 35k on my server: GO EXPLOIT!

2. Raw Materials Still Make Moolah: Time to Save!

Let us put aside for a moment the lunacy surrounding Carnelian and Inferno Rubies and concentrate on something which does not rely on drop rates. Old World crafting mats on High Population servers are still Da Bomb. Whether it’s Linen Cloth or Strange Dust there are still people out there who will pay FRANKLY STUPID PRICES for your time and effort. The key here, certainly in the way my Server’s been rolling over Christmas, is been AH-savvy and watching the market. Here for free, in six easy steps, is a starting point:

  • Take one stack of the item you wish to sell and go to AH.
  • Look at AH prices.
  • Remark either a) ‘Screw that, far too cheap’ or b) ‘That’s selling for HOW MUCH?!!?!
  • If a) find something else to sell;
  • If b) farm said item for one hour and stick resultant spoils on AH!
  • Rinse and Repeat!

It’s the one hour that’s the key here: don’t spend too much time on anything, as that’s the one resource that always matters the most. I’d tell you about my dashing Dwarven friend who’s pulled in six figures at the AH by an even simpler method than this but there’s still a bunch of you who’d not believe me anyway and there’s the key, right there. EVERYTHING SELLS in a game with a player base as large as this. You just gotta find your own groove, man. Mine is leather, Treasure Finding Potions and ruthless efficiency, plus some rather decent blue World Drops in the last couple of days. It’s all about you, in the end. If it’s getting boring, go farm summat else…!

3. A Major Change WILL COME: Be Prepared!

WARNING: Actual Apocalypse may happen at any time.

Blizzard have freely admitted stat inflation on gear’s going to need to be addressed before the Expansion. There’s potential for a Truck of Fail if the new Talent Trees fall over. Frankly, Woody Harrelson could be right too and we’re ALL DOOMED ANYWAY but in the unlikely event of the World NOT ending this year you should probably be prepared for your game experience to change. Again. Possibly several times which will require you to relearn everything you only just got the hang of after Cataclysm. The best way to deal with this will be with a) well geared toons and b) some money put aside for emergencies.

My plan for 2012 therefore is simple. Gear all the 85’s, level the non 85’s then gear them, and stick a ton of glod in the Vanity Bank ‘just in case’. Anything after that would I believe be spurious, downright foolish to expect and may involve more time than I will ever have to give. There may be a new version of the game on the PTR right now but until we know What’s Happening in 2012 In Game it’s all pretty pointless speculation.

If you’ll excuse me then I’ll be off to run my first alt through four bosses of DS for those all important 250 VP’s…

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