Last item left after a 10k weekend. Gotta love Remote AH-age.

I like reading WoW Insider, but you know that if you’re a regular here. Today I find myself perusing this article and nodding sagely at all the pointers therein. You could do a lot worse than Scribe your way to greatness in the continuing push to cash supremacy, after all. Those Fortune Cards alone are a massively productive way of dumping herbs into something more profitable… except if you’re on my server right now. Herbs are big money. HUGE money, stupid amounts. Same is true for any Cataclysm raw materials which have seen a massive spike in profitability. If you wanna make 10k fast on my server, go farm for a bit. In my case, go farm for 10 hours, because that’s the current turnover for just about anything I can scrape together: leather, herbs, ore. Primals, Volatiles, Eternals… you name it, it’s a guaranteed sale. I’ll do the Cataclysm stuff with a Potion of Treasure Finding on as well, because it all adds up. Maximise your money by multi-tasking when farming raw materials. Never just go out looking for one thing. As I did this yesterday on the Herby/Skinny Druid bankalt, it occurred to me why Essence of Destruction is selling for a pittance yet 20 Whiptail was exceeding 200g a stack over the weekend.

It’s evidence of what’s being called (in my Guild anyway) of the ‘AFK Lightsabers’ effect.

The migration of players away from Warcraft to Star Wars has already popped up in at least one Guild Recruitment Advert. A significant number of major farmers and goldspinners on the AH have vanished over Christmas: two of my major competitors in the Leather Selling Department haven’t listed an auction since TOR went live. For me, of course, this means I can set the prices and have others undercut me: everything still sells, because there’s fewer people presenting their wares. The number of people WTB-ing raw materials in trade has gone up considerably too. It’s all symptoms of the same Force-induced situation. The question now is whether this is a long-term issue or, as was the case with Rift before, people play the game out and then return. I know that of the AFK Lightsaber brigade currently in our Guild more than one has bought an Annual Pass, which commits themselves to twelve months of fees even when they’re not here. It makes me realise just what a master-stroke that idea was on Activision’s part.

Personally I’m not too bothered at the reduced numbers of potential buyers, and the other guys I know who have been playing the AH, item flipping and selling BoE’s over the Christmas Period don’t seem to be that concerned either. If you have a plan, if it’s making money and you stick to it, you really can’t go too far wrong. My new Grind of Preference after the Faire arrived was doing the 250 Grisly Trophies I needed in two hours when we had Tol Barad: skinning crocs has always been a great way to pull in the Savage Leather and with a Potion of Treasure Finding on for the time it took I made a decent pile of ‘extra sales items’ The biggest bonus for me in TB however is the drop rate of green and blue items: you farm something for long enough and the items will drop. For me, the belt above was one of four Rare Armour items I landed during my Darkmoon Faire session: it was a VERY good morning. Those alone have sold for in excess of 2000g, quite apart from the large amount of gold from the skins. Some days it’s definitely easier than others to bring home the bacon.

Let’s hope my market remains as hungry as it currently appears to be…

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