The Cat, Me and the Big Tongue. Devil and the Dealer not included…

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while (and not gotten around to) is to set up a reliable source for what I consider are the ‘easily’ farmable Vanity Pets. This will, at some point, include at least two alts who will ‘run’ the Argent Tournament on a daily basis in the months leading up to Pandaland, because I KNOW those critters already turn a decent profit. The other consistently decent source of income on the AH is from the pets that drop from the Oracle Dailies in Sholazar, so today I went and trashed my Frenzyheart Rep to start again. I only need Revered to be able to pick up my first Mysterious Egg in a while, and with the potential of FOUR possible vanity pets from it, I’d be stupid not to. A three gold investment is worth a 72 hour cooldown, after all. It’s also a great deal easier hunting for shinies in the Wildgrowth when it’s just you doing it, plus the leather I get from killing the serpents is always worthwhile.

I kinda miss Northrend. It must be time for a new Expansion.

Oh, and I capped P today and didn’t see a single Darkmoon Artifact drop. This is going to be the Tolvir Archaeology Sites ‘thing’ all over again, isn’t it… ?

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