Practical Farming. Just add Husband.

The Faire may have departed, but those of us who spend far too much time obsessing about vanity pets like to think ahead are already looking to February and preparing to have as many tickets as conceivably possible come the Faire’s return to Azeroth. To do this, quite apart from the full run of Darkmoon Dailies and Professions-related Monthlies, requires the stockpiling of the nine Darkmoon Artifacts:

  • Imbued Crystal
  • Ornate Weapon
  • Monstrous Egg
  • Mysterious Grimoire
  • A Treatise on Strategy
  • Soothsayer’s Runes
  • Banner of the Fallen
  • Adventurer’s Journal
  • Captured Insignia

Last month this was a relatively simple task, with the exception of the Treatise (more on which in a moment)  but this time around Blizzard have stealth-hotfixed the bosses that drop these items. No more farming low-level instances for me, sadly, I need to find level-appropriate places to drop them. The last three aren’t a problem being found in PvP either, I just need patience (and I have plenty of that) The problem’s those first five: well, four now as I have a reliable farm for the Ornate Weapon (First boss in Normal Tol’Vir is easily three mannable with my husband two boxing and my shaman healing) I’ve made sure I’ve got a Darkmoon’s Adventurer’s Guide on every character currently levelling or at 85 to maximise my chances of being able to roll on these items in dungeons, which is great for those guys not yet at the correct level for the new End Time instances…

The Treatice is already a fairly contentious item: selling in excess of 30k on my server, it’s an insanely (and deliberately) low drop from the ‘non-378’ dungeons. The problem comes in getting oneself into these dungeons to begin with: using either of the LFG queues for points means you are queued for the End Time dungeons even if you don’t want them. Manually queuing is of course possible but I am assuming this means there’ll be no 150 VP at the end, which is clearly a problem.  I’ve not even managed to see one of these drop as yet, let alone roll on it, so I’ll be doing my best to run as many 5 mans as I can this month in the vain hope I’ll get lucky.

At least with a bunch of people farming I increase my odds, but I know how the RNG likes to taunt me, and it already is… ^^

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