I’ve fallen through the World several times this week. Should I be concerned?

I’m not a big fan of change.

I used to hate it, back when there was no dual talenting and it was an utter pain to respec. Now I have two specs I’m normally loathed to swap between them, but last night I realised the grim truth: I can no longer raid as Marks and not feel like I’m being carried. Last night in our DS10 (YES WE’RE DOING PROGRESSION AGAIN YAY) I went back to SW after Boss #1 and respecced BM and saw an undisputed increase in damage (*cough* 5k more *cough*) I should really be going Survival, I know, but I’ll wait until the mini patch to maximise the damage. I sorted BM properly when I was hunting for Spirit Beasts (WTB [More Stable Slots PST] as I’m already full) and as Hunter #2 has been a perma-BM’er so it was easier to simply switch last night. I need to practice my rotations over the weekend and get my head around the intensely complicated BM rotation… who am I kidding. It’s like playing a Mage ^^

Mages are OP, you know. Not for long, mind, and for that we can all breath a sigh of relief.

I finally lucked out on my Epic Gems last night and a Queen’s Garnet came out of one of my geodes: if I didn’t know already it’s time to start updating my raiding gear with Purple. Prices have now dropped to what I’d consider acceptable and so I took the plunge. What I’m hoping is that we’ll see some news on the existence of the Epic Transmutes: I suspect it will co-incide with a Deathwing Nerf, and possibly a pre-Pandaland Event…

3 thoughts on “Time for a Change. Again.

  1. Ahem, please to not generalise. Arcane Mages may well be easy mode, we Fire Mages however still rely on RNG (crits) and still have a rotation. Plus, to get the maximum out of our biggest ZOMG IT BURNS weapon (Combustion) requires a combination of RNG events that seldom align at the same time.


  2. I wasn't referring to the nerfs. Although I am a wee bit disappointed that after many months of being behind Arcane in terms of damage output, Fire got about six weeks of glory before being nerfed.

    C'est la vie. Still more fun to play than Arcane, though. :-)


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