Points, baby! All about the V’s and the J’s… ^^
  • After today, P will be Revered *again* with the Oracles, thus opening up Possible Pettage every three days. I am always happy when additional revenue streams appear. However this is unlikely to stop me randomly farming Leather with a Treasure Potion chaser in TB whether the Alliance have it or not. It’s depressingly quiet regardless in that zone, so if you’re on in the daytime on my server and want guaranteed mining/herbing rights, you could do a lot worse…
  • I should do some more work on Darkmoon Artifact farmage. I’m up to 8/9 for next month, with the Treatice (again) singularly failing to drop anywhere. I’d like to thank my Druid friend whose DK hit 85 on Friday for the opportunity to run pre-378 dungeons with Valors tacked on, because his gear isn’t good enough. Having seen every piece of plate /strength gear drop from both SFK and DM last night it might not be long before we get the new 5 mans by default.
  • Talking of Points, I’m getting to the stage where the only thing JP are good for is buying enchanting mats for AH sale. This is no bad thing however, and it would be great if Blizzard would do the same thing for all those other bloody useless currencies cluttering up my (Virtual) bags. Chef’s Awards, I’m looking at YOU.
  • A depressing number of alts do not have current access to a) an Earthen Ring tabard or b) Therazane shoulder enchants. I think the latter’s probably more pressing in terms of non-shallow altage. I predict a great deal of questing in Deepholm in my future.
  • Bankalt got to 84 yesterday. Currently am planning to drop skinning and make her a Potion Specialist Alchemist, so that I have one of each variety. Also: THREE TRANSMUTES. That is all.
  • Talking of bankalts, please someone talk me out of levelling my L26 Hunter bankalt to 85 for the Hell of it.. ^^
  • Am beginning to pile up considerable numbers of volatiles, especially via herbing. I should probably do something with them rather than bank the lot. Dreamcloth’s a possibility, perhaps I should investigate some recipes… :D
  • Is it time for the Beta yet? ^^

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