I know. Hear me out though… ^^

I cannot believe I am alone in the thought that it’s time to take a look at the Achievement System.

P has been a Serial Overachiever since the shebang was introduced. Like many people who read here (waves at Mr G. Elf) I’m pretty much a solo player for a lot of the time I’m online, which is adequately borne out by the disappointing 62% showing in the Dungeons and Raids section. Professions, Exploration and Reputation are, unsurprisingly, right up there and close to completion. The fact I also posses FIFTY FOUR Feats Of Strength shows what a sad muppet I really am just how long I’ve been at this game. I am fairly confident, considering the current state of Achievements in Guild that I’m not alone in thinking we could really do with some new stuff to do quite soon. The question is, however, what form will/should those take?

Blizzard is, unsurprisingly, one step ahead of me already: Pandaland is coming with the Challenge Dungeon, which I suspect will introduce a whole new Category for my list above. However, I’ll need four mates for that to happen and although I applaud Blizzard’s attempts to get more people into instances, it’s not really going to help my efforts as a single player (what do you mean this isn’t a single player game? SHUSH YOU!). There’s inevitably going to be additions to General, Quests, Exploration AND Professions with a whole new continent in the offing, but is that enough? I understand why there are no major upgrades to the World Events category as well (especially for those who *gasp* might be new to the game *DOES NOT COMPUTE/REBOOT* )  but I sense that, if Blizzard are looking back to reintroducing more fun to the game, we might need something a little extra.

Let’s not make this mean just more achievements per se either… time to put my ‘Imaginary Dev’ Hat on and think how I’d do it. I have a few ideas for this, too: would you like to hear them?

Pitch #1: The Veteran Achiever’s ‘Over 9000’ VIP Lounge.

Remember the day when the Champion’s Lounge in Stormwind was a separate instance? Remember how so many people have petitioned for Player Housing in game (and most of those were playing in Vanilla?) I have a way to make Achievements more interesting, and you won’t need to add a single new one: the Achiever’s VIP Lounge.

There’ll have to be a stage there (a la the Darkmoon Faire) where every hour you’ll see the latest top achievers being celebrated, perhaps with an ‘avatar’ of their character doing a /flex or a /bow (this happens in Toontown I know, with names only). There’ll be exclusive vendors, who sell items you can only buy with your special Achievement Tokens. For ever 10 Achievement points you earn you’ll get 1 Achievement Token, which as well as being exchanged for in-game gifts can be used to get free play time. Yes, you read me right: let me have the chance to exchange all those hours of playing for the chance to have at least the opportunity to play some of this MMO for nowt. I could use it in other Blizzard games too, perhaps saving for a couple of free months in the new game that’s being developed. Oh, that would be peachy… :D

On a related note, I think they should make areas in every major capital city where people can go to sit on the latest mount they’ve won /achieved or to show off their latest Legendary win, to make it easier for everyone else to get on with their business…

Pitch #2: The ‘Create your Perfect Achievement’ Competition

Have to say, this one is my favourite. Blizzard give us all the chance to come up with an achievement that’s not currently available, and as a reward they make it happen and name it after our character in-game. You are granted immortality. We get a chance to show Blizzard what we’d like to see them concentrating on, and it’s cheap content. What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, I know. I’m sorry ^^

Pitch #3: Divide and Conquer, the Multiple Variation Achievement Gambit.

There’s already a large number of Achievements in game that could quite easily be further subdivided: as an example, earning 50,000 gold is a commitment, but it could be even more. Let’s sub-divide it even further (assuming the maths of the game will allow us) to other categories:

  • 50,000g from simply Daily Quests
  • 50,000g from selling to vendors
  • 50,000g from lockboxes
    etc, etc… let’s face it, this could go on indefinitely…

This would effectively rejuvenate the entire system and give us sad puppies the committed Achiever a whole new slew of things to go chase after. I think the potential to emote at things has not yet been fully explored, on that front (quite apart from my potential achievement above) and there has to be lists of things across the World we can find, in a Scavenger Hunt stylee. I think we need more massive time sinks worthwhile use of time like Well Red and Higher Learning. They can be immensely annoying but I think I’d be right in saying that they really do feel like… well, an Achievement. Turning up at the Darkmoon Faire and getting 10 points doesn’t seem worth congratulating, if I’m honest. Maybe that’s the overriding issue with many of the things that ‘pretend’ to be Achievements but are, simply put, a pat on the back for just staying online.

You got any more ideas?

One thought on “WTB [More Achievements] PST.

  1. Thanks for the shout out. ;)

    I've been pushing achievements as content for a long time. It is the easiest and cheapest form of content to add for the solo player.

    Making fishing tied to all areas, like 100, 250, 500, and 1000 fish caught in each area of the game. Solo players like myself would do them. It is lame, sure, but it is easy content and gives me something to do while waiting in queue.

    Having PvP ones like 100, 250, 500, and 1000 kills in every single area in the game would promote world PvP even if only a little.

    There is so much quick and easy to add content that can be added with achievements. I could make a list but it would take me all day to type it and that is just achievements I thought of, imagine how many others could come up with on top of mine. It is insane the amount of content that could be added.

    I would love to see more achievements.


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