I <3 Frostheim. His site at the WHU and his Hunter Awesomness on WoW Insider have been responsible for keeping me sane whilst playing the best class in game being a Hunter for quite some time. I am eternally grateful this week, for instance, for the ‘How to Play Survival’ post he provided just when I decided to, well, play Survival.

I’m also loving his series of Hunter Motivational Posters, but this week I feel he might have forgotten that not all of his readership are Male Dwarves, just most of them. As a result, I feel obliged to redress the balance.

There. All sorted now :D

3 thoughts on “Shameless Fangirling!

  1. Well, to be fair, I don't actually make those posters. That's just what the hunter community submitted to the poster contest, and I'm slowly trying to get all of them posted.

    That said, we absolutely need more acknowledgement of the female hunter community (which at least in terms of WHU readers is quite large — I get more emails from women than men). So keep it coming!


  2. I knew you'd had a load of other posters sent in, for some reason I thought this were a special batch you'd created for the WHU. Clearly I need to be a bit more awake :D

    Dwarf representation is shameful in the Blogsphere, Female Dwarf representation even more so. I will keep on plugging!


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