Dwarves in Moonlight = Profit!

It’s the first big In-Game Festival of 2012 (no we don’t count New Year ‘coz booze is not profitable) and I find myself with an overriding urge to go and discover some Elders. Hang on though, what’s the point? For my 84 Bankalt Gatherer, there’s the small matter of each discovered spot earning me 31,740 XP, which coupled with the ad hoc Archaeology I’m doing as I go at the same XP rate serving as a decent levelling exercise. However, that’s not my real interest. For the first time since the change was announced, I have stockpiled tokens in various banks that can be used to buy Vanity Pets. Pets that are NOT BoP…

Fools and their money will be parted… ^^

For 50 Coins of Ancestry, a Lunar Lantern is yours. I had enough coins in P’s bank to pick up two of these when I logged, and the one on the AH sold in under 30 minutes (hence the healthier than normal gold balance above) Needless to say, I think the best plan for the additional coins I pick up from Bank!Druid’s explorations will go towards stockpiling these beauties for later in the year, or even better, for the new Expansion. Let’s hope that the innocent looking lantern’s gonna have a kickass Pet Battle ability, shall we..? ^^

Even if you don’t have a levelling toon to benefit from XP, this Festival is an excellent time to combine Coin Gathering with Map Discovering/Achievements. If you’re a gatherer so much the better: make sure you pick up stacks of stuff along the way: Outland and Northrend raw materials are great sellers currently and it’s a good way to rake in some extra cash in these dark January days.

Oh, and if you’re 85 remember there’s an Achievement this time around for the Elders of the Cataclysm… :D

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