I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time…

Two entirely separate people asked me the same question yesterday: why do you blog about Warcraft?

My first recorded post in this format was on February 2nd, 2009, which means I’m coming up for THREE YEARS worth of dross quality blogging this year. [I should probably do some kind of celebration event, thinking about it.] Back when I started I’d already failed to keep a couple of other sites active, simply because I could never make the time to fit everything in. The big change came when I started to push myself to write. That was probably the overriding reason for doing this, if I’m honest. It had very little to do with the game to begin with, and everything to do with my desire to communicate better. As Warcraft was a subject I knew a bit about and felt confident discussing, it seemed a great way to distil what I’d learnt about both it and how to write into one place. I’ve come quite a way in the intervening period. I blog about this game because it makes me happy, angry, excited, disappointed and a thousand more emotions in between. I have a passion, and that fuels the words.

As time has passed I’ve been aware of other people listening. I think this has been one of the greatest consequences of my writing: interacting with the World. I’m grateful for every person who’s made a comment, or who passes by, because it’s the stimulus I need to continue. On the days when I don’t particularly feel like talking the feedback is the encouragement to keep going, the reminder that every day can teach a writer something about themselves or their craft. For me, the support I’ve had has directly affected my desire to write in other places, and has served as a much needed kick up the behind to get me working on the more fictional literary forms. As a result last year I started a Creative Writing course, something I suspect I’d have not actively pursued were it not for the time I have spent here. Writing a blog is a long way from a work of fiction but it shares a lot of the same motivation. It’s the same words after all, just used in a different way, and the story telling is a means to different ends.

However, I’m not answering my own question: why Warcraft? Well, before this it was ’24’, and before that it was a rather obscure UK TV show called ‘Bugs’… and before that I was wittering about lots of US and UK TV shows on message boards and in groups that were the place to be long before there was a ‘proper’ Internet to search stuff on. I like breaking things down, de-constructing, understanding why things happen. I gain a lot of enjoyment from mastering, once I’ve understood. My first blog post gives a potted history of what I did before Azeroth came along and if you needed any indicator of how sadly obsessed I could be about a computer game, there it is. As it stands, I think I ‘live’ in Azeroth and have done for some time, it’s an alternative place to be when I’m not being a Mum or a Wife or any of the other ‘jobs’ I have. It’s a place with it’s own rules and it’s own personalities, both real and virtual. It’s a rich source of inspiration, and it’s still (after all this time) a great place to have fun in. That’s enough for me to be able to write about, often on a daily basis. I know there’s enough people out there who feel the same, and a Community who loves to share what it’s doing… another Virtual Networking site to join Livejournal, Facebook and Twitter….

I write about Warcraft because I love it, and it makes me happy. On the day when that is no longer the case I’m fairly confident something else will come along and replace it. Until that happens, this is where I belong, this is what I am, and long may it continue.

5 thoughts on “Y Yuu Doo Dat?1!!?1

  1. That was a nice little look into the past.

    Few people I know actually know I blog. When they ask me I tell them I do it for myself only. It gives me something to do while at work. A place to complain about things being I never do in game.

    Like yourself however, I think I have enjoyed getting to talk to other people and that becomes as much, if not more, of a driving force sometimes than what originally drove me.

    Keep up the good blogging.


  2. Thank you Mr G. Elf :D

    It's been great today, watching this post get re-Tweeted by people and generate interest in what I do here. In the end, that's all that really matters, that people can read and enjoy.

    Hooray for the Community :D


  3. As we've known each other for a long long time, indeed it can start being measured in decades (blimey), this blog is always on my reading list, but only partly because of that. The other reason I come here is your human perspective to the news coming out of sites like MMO. I may not always agree with your interpretation, but it is always worth a read.

    Plus, I can access it at work, unlike most WoW-related sites!


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