Yes, it’s almost time… ^^

As a rule, I like spontaneity in my work. I think it’s best to react to things in a computer game ‘as they happen’ and not to get bogged down by planning. However, there’s one subject that I’ve been considering for months now and which I realise needs more thought, simply to get the ideas I have out and into the world. Yes folks, the ‘What is Wrong with Crafting’ opus is almost done.

It took a while for me to get my head around what I really wanted to say, but I’m now confident I can break this down: over the next five days I will be looking at ‘Five Ways Blizzard can Change ALL Professions for the Better.’ (note: need snappier title)  I’ve included the secondary professions with this as well, because part of me thinks that if everything could be standardised it would make like a lot easier for everyone. I’m not claiming that anything I’m going to suggest is revolutionary (and if I inadvertently duplicate anyone else’s ideas I apologise in advance, I’ve tried my best not to take in any other professions/crafting rants along the way) but they represent for me a way of making professions both competitive and engaging.

One of the main reasons I have as many alts as I undoubtedly do is the fact that professions offer real benefits for enhanced game play: what I’m hoping is my thoughts can serve as a starting point for discussion, to get other people thinking about what we’d like to see change in the future and how Blizzard could keep the game enjoyable and interesting away from dungeon and instance content. Yes, I KNOW we’re talking about only a part of the ‘real’ Warcraft experience but if the Devs are thinking about Pet Battles as a viable alternative, maybe there could be some professions love too. I can but hope…

Anyway, you have been warned. Large rambling posts are incoming…!

2 thoughts on “Content Advisory!

  1. Sorry, I'm calling foul here – if I had a fiver for every blog post that mentioned your plan for X (where x equals the next patch, the next expansion, the next hunter to level, etc), I'd have a sizeable lump of cash. :-)


  2. I hate to break this to you, but most of that goes through very little actual planning, it's what I think about in any given moment. I don't sit for days working out farming plans or levelling goals the way I've done with this project.

    I am clearly better at looking organised than I thought… ^^


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