That’s a lot of Cooking Awards. Like you’re surprised…

Five Ways to Improve Professions In Game.

#3 :  Standardise the Token System. Points should also equal materials!

When Blizzard introduced the now infamous Badger of Justice system back in TBC, those of us permanently blighted by the RNG breathed a fairly sizable sigh of relief (and were grateful they didn’t have to solely rely on DKP any more to gear up, but that’s a completely different story for another day) However, the system isn’t perfect. When the Dalaran Cooking Award was introduced in Wrath Blizzard showed us that tokens for professions were here to stay, but this has simply made the system look more like a succession of different ideas bolted onto each other, which (let’s face it) it is. Tokens have the potential to totally revolutionise Professions and Crafting, but not as they currently stand. It’s time for some standardisation!

  • We need ONE KIND OF TOKEN FOR ALL CRAFTING. You earn a Crafting Token from quests from L1 onwards. The same tokens are earned for Daily Quests in Shatt, in Northrend and in Azeroth. If you want to make recipes only usable at certain levels, give them a level requirement. The wonderful Chef’s Hat, for instance, locked forever in an expansion zone most people can now level in 48 hours, requires 100 Dalaran tokens. If we had a new system you could simply buy it at L65 if you had the tokens to afford it. Most importantly of all, convert all those spare tokens to the new system. If you’re concerned some people might be at an advantage if you do, make it 10 Dalaran Tokens = 1 Crafting Token, so at least those people have some return on their investment. [*]
  • Justice Points and Conquest Points need to buy more raw materials. The introduction of Enchanting Mats for JP’s for instance is an absolute master-stroke. I ramp myself up to 4000 JP, go buy 10 Essences @ 400 points each, and off I go again. What would now be great would be to see other materials being available for purchase. As it’s also possible to buy these materials for Honor, what might be nice would be to introduce some PvP only items (perhaps to link in with the production of PvP gears?)
  • What happens when you’re max level, you’ve learned everything, you’ve done all the Crafting Achievements and you start stacking up Crafting Tokens? Let’s see the option to purchase some vanity items with those spare tokens. If Blizzard are concerned that people might simply stockpile the Tokens for gain ‘down the line’ then set a ceiling on the number you can hold at any one time.
  • The Darkmoon Faire’s a great model for helping those who have difficulty levelling their professions to do so once a month: how about having the same model in place with professions? Have the option to spend tokens on increasing your skill as well as buying recipes or items you need to craft with. While you’re at it, why not make Crafting Tokens purchasable for Justice, Honor and Conquest Points to boot?

[*] So you use the same token for Fishing or Cookery as you’d use for Jewelcrafting? Wouldn’t that give an unfair advantage to a JC-er who did the daily fishing and cookery and decided not to spend them on the named professions? I think people should be able to choose how they use their tokens. If they decide to devote extra time to do two daily quests, should they not then have a choice as to how they spend those tokens anyway? If you make it all about a single currency, it gives the individual more flexibility as to how to spend, and they are more involved in the the decision making. I don’t see how that can be a bad thing.

In the end, if Blizzard are looking to make the game fun, they could do a lot worse and look at the number of spare tokens clogging up people’s banks. Those that have a financial value (like using Crusader’s Seals for pets to sell) don’t stay in a tab very long. I think it’s high time the same was true for Professions and Crafting: give those hours of hard work in previous expansions a real value and make one token fit all :D

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