100% More fun in this than all other professions? Discuss…

Five Ways to Improve Professions In Game.

#5 : Make all Professions as fun as Engineering. Yes, REALLY.

It seems quite a long time since we started this little expedition into the problems and issues with all the Professions: I’ve covered all the major issues I think need addressing, but I’m a realist. I know that it’s highly unlikely that any of this may come to pass with the Coming of the Pandas, because there’s just too much to fix in just one hit. Maybe we should just aim for one thing that could be changed for the better: making them more fun. If you want to highlight an area that gets the balance of practical and silly just about spot on, then you’re looking at Engineering, because it is awesome.

Engineering is great looking gear, with practical gadgets to make any Azerothian traveller’s life easier. Portable mailboxes! Repair bots!  Wormholes to other continents… yes, it has everything. It also has a set of fun additions to gear too (Nitro Boosts are FABULOUS, everyone should have a Parachute Cloak) which mean that the grind to level it is far less of a grind. Yes, it’s still hard but you get a choice of  two flying/ground and a ground mount as a reward. There are awesome Engi-only pets too… and you can be either a Goblin or a Gnomish specialist. Frankly it has so much to offer, and there’s the problem.

Why can’t Tailors get cool stuff other than two pets and the carpets? Why shouldn’t Jewelcrafters be able to make brooches and buckles with cool uses? What would be wrong in allowing Leatherworkers ANYTHING FUN AT ALL? (easy now dear) Would it be really that difficult to introduce a range of things to craft, wear and sell across all 14 primaries and secondaries that brought the fun and enthusiasm back into the Professions? There are hints of what could be already in place after all: the Turtle from Fishing, the Epic items from Archaeology, the Dragon Mount from Alchemy. In the very slim hope that someone from Blizzard has read my last five days of rambling and might be open to suggestion at this stage of the game pre-Expansion I say this: if you do ANYTHING to Professions in Pandaland, PLEASE MAKE THEM AS FUN AS EACH OTHER.

Some of us hope that, when all is said and done, it’s never just about the End Game, or the Pet Battles, or the PvP, or indeed the professions: all of this makes the game what it is. The fun’s been missing from a lot of these places for a while now and it’s time to bring it back. The business of gathering and crafting’s as good a place as any to start…

One thought on “Honing Your Crafts : #5 : Moar Fun KKthxBaiBai!

  1. Fun stuff… Yeah, gief moar funz to Blacksmithing!

    Remembering Vanilla when I spent one meeeeeeeelion Mithril/Thorium bars to get the nice Imperial Plate set and some other stuff was a grind and a half. But fun? No.

    Is there any 'fun stuff' in Blacksmithing?
    Extra sockets – useful, yes – fun, no.


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