Right, I’ll kill Scourge over here, you farmers go that way…

Well, I’ve not quite done with the Professions Thang, there’s one more post on that. Then it’s my Three Year Anniversary (:O) on Thursday and I should probably think about something to celebrate that, really. My husband, who did a drive-by look at the site yesterday, remarked he’s ‘not a big fan’ of my hastily-constructed 3 Year Logo. ‘Well, you do better then’ I challenged and it appears he will be today, so there might also be some graphical changes to the site as well… ^^

I have wanted to write about the Professions for a LONG TIME. Having finally gotten it all out hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for writing about the game, as I worried it might: far from it. There’s a lot I have to say, I just need the right tools to get it all ‘out here’ and if you’ll bear with me, I’ll be working on that as the year goes on. It’s not like I haven’t got anything to do in game either (as I keep realising, hence why I’m in Western Plaguelands wiping out the Forsaken) so I’d expect some observations on that and other gubbins… there’s always summat to do in Azeroth.

Needless to say, still the #1 Game of Choice. Not bad for a seven year old behemoth… ^^

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