Please to be noting new Anniversary logo. /thanks to Husband.

XP via Elders. Sorted!

Not only did P sneak in 50k from looting (with the minimum of fuss last week) but Bankalt S made it to 85. Once suitably geared I suspect she will be used for faffing whilst I level Alchemy for her to become a Potion Master. As she’s not with the L25 Guild there’s no point in using her as a gatherer without the bonuses. I will run her through all the Cata Zones mind for cash and gathering opportunities on the side, however. I might well level her fishing however, especially if I get as lucky with pools as I did at the weekend:

We want more fishing pools like this, please…

There’s been a couple of moments like this, and it bears repeating that if you want to level a fisherman from scratch do it simply from pools, as it’s a guaranteed catch every time. I also did some more Archaeology, in the vain hope I might get another of my rare solves to materialise. I REALLY hope that I’m not waiting another eleven months to see the next one…

Healthy bank balance, P!

That’s only my third 375g solve, but that’s not the real reason why I took the screenie. If you’re a Professions completist and you’re looking for missing recipes there’s a load of NPC’s scattered across the Game World with items tied to reputation. You could do a lot worse than arm yourself with the Ackis Recipe List addon and spend some time picking up the easier ones. I’d forgotten about the Anti-Venom recipe as well, would be great to see more things like that stuck into the game at higher levels (don’t start again, calm down…) My biggest source of amazement (and what prompted the screenie) is the fact that the Hallowed Brazier is still available to purchase. Blizzard, did you not take the Tier 0.5 Questline out of the game? If so, why is this still here…?

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