I was amazed I’d managed three years. A logo seemed like a good idea…

Tomorrow it’s an entirely new month, and a rather special anniversary for this ‘ere Blog. I promise not to go on about it too much, and there will be a Competition with at least one Top Quality Prize to entice more of you to stop by. Needless to say, three years doing ANYTHING is fairly impressive in my eyes, so I feel it deserves some kind of commemoration.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to put the finishing touches to some Stuffs for later…

7 thoughts on “Warning You Now…

  1. Congrats on 3 years :) Reading this made me wonder how long I'd been going. It will be 4 years in June – good grief! Your blog is way better than mine – full of information and interest. Here's to another 3 years! All the best :)


  2. Grats on 3 years! I aspire to be as well read as the Godmother when I'm 3 though that may be a hard ask. And you big tease, I am sure you tweeting your competition thing has had me popping back in twice a day to see what this THING is…


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