Ladies and Gentleman, put on those [Dancing Trousers] and get thinking!

To celebrate three years of utter dross Quality Blogging at this here site, I have decided to offer a Competition guaranteed to bring some joy back into these dark and wet February days (unless you’re lucky enough to be reading this in the Southern Hemisphere, where it will be neither of those things, you lucky swines). My love of music, in all its forms, extends into my gaming and far, FAR beyond it, so I though it would be interesting to see what the rest of you use as background music when you’ve turned the in-game sound off.

Hence, THE ULTIMATE WOW MIXTAPE Competition was born.

That image up there may not be immediately recognisable to some of you youngsters: it’s a cassette (don’t start… ^^) Once upon a time that was how you passed your music about, before the days of MP3s and iTunes, and that’s what I’d like to imagine you’re using when you present me with the music you think I should be listening to on my travails around Azeroth and its dependencies. You have 60 minutes of music (two 30 minute sides for the purists) to fill: provide me with your ultimate musical accompaniment for playing the game.

There are no limits or boundaries for your choices: genre, artist, vocal or orchestral: anything goes. I ask only for one other thing: an explanation of why you’ve picked each track. As a guide therefore I have selected my own hour of Top Quality Tunes with suitable explanatory text, to give you an idea of what I’m looking for:

The Godmother’s ‘Azeroth’s Top Tunes’ (Vol 1.)
  1. The Sweet :: Ballroom Blitz (4:02)
    Substitute ‘Ballroom’ with Alterac and this is my Unofficial Theme for AV’s. 40 people piling out of a gate with this playing = WIN.

  2. London Music Works :: Requiem for a Tower. (4:12)
    If there were a theme for the first four minutes when you arrive in a BG, from prepping to running out to your destiny/doom (delete where applicable) then this is it. Imagining you are Legolas is purely optional.

  3. Oasis :: All Around the World (9.20)
    Music for travelling: whether it be those LONG Hippogryff rides across Kalimdor or the boat from Stormwind to Anywhere, this is a song for Public Transport. Hideously upbeat when you’re L15 and having to run everywhere too…

  4. Peter Gabriel :: Mercy Street (6.21)
    My unofficial background music for Feralas, before the Sundering, when the trip on the boat to Feathermoon Island was one of the most evocative in game.

  5. The Farm :: Altogether Now (4.01)
    An all-purpose BG anthem, to remind people that this is a War, and sometimes there are more important things to think about than simply camping the Stables. Not that that’s going to get me anywhere but still…

  6. Sparks :: This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us (3.06)
    Maiev Shadowsong v Illidan Stormrage. The Black Temple. Unofficial Main Theme :D Frankly, could work for any You vs Big Bad Endgame villain…

  7. The Prodigy :: Firestarter (4.42)
    This is the tune my Warlock would walk onto in an Arena match were I a) any good at PvP and b) we were allowed such things. Needless to say, its a Destruction favourite!

  8. Air :: Cherry Blossom Girl (3.40)
    Teldrassil. Ashenvale before the Sundering. Anywhere where you find lots of Night Elves and Elune’s presence is palpable. It’s just *calm* and serene and… well, you get the idea.

  9. The Beatles :: Free as a Bird (4.25)
    Druid Flight Form. Nuff said!

  10. Thomas Newman :: Rock Island, 1931 (Road to Perdition Soundtrack) (3.22)
    My Dwarven Starting Area music, when snow needs something special to accompany it… this works, it really does. Wonderfully evocative. Just pretend they’re bagpipes, ‘kay?

  11. Squeeze :: Take me I’m Yours (2.50)
    Music for traversing Tanaris, preferably post Sundering as you’d be able to do it ON a camel… :D Start at Gadgetzan for additional Goblin interest!

  12. Moby :: Go (Twin Peaks Remix) (4.00)
    No, it’s not another battleground song, this one’s for Netherstorm. I dunno why, but for me this is all purple and swirly and filled with Etherials and Blood Elves. That’s what happens when you play this game for as long as I have… ^^

  13. Moloko :: Indigo (5.37)
    Music for Uldum. Where giant blokes swinging maces at you is all part of a day’s work…
Total time : 59.4 minutes. Job dun!

As you can see, that’s a combination of a few different styles with some suitable explanation for each one. Now it’s your turn… let’s see what you have, guys!

The competition is open to anyone with Dancing Trousers, a Soul (innate rhythm is not required) and a love of Music until February 29th (OMG Leap Year) after which time I will choose my three favourite compilations (this assumes of course I get more than three entries, here’s hoping) The overall best compilation in the opinion of the Judges (i.e., Me) will be rewarded with a hand-picked, lovingly handled $25 J!nx Gift Voucher to go buy summat awesome and appropriately-themed. This means you only need to provide me with a valid e-mail address to enter. So, what are you waiting for…?

Send your entries to mixtape@laughing-geek.com and I’ll do my best to acknowledge every entry when it arrives.

I look forward to all your submissions, and to being suitably educated in what the rest of the Blogsphere uses as background gaming accompaniment… :D

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Warcraft Mix Competition!

  1. I could see myself having a great time with this one.

    I could just go blanket and say anything from man-o-war, preferably off kings of metal, while PvPing.

    If you have never listened to them they make the perfect fighting music and they fit the genre well.

    Look them up and read the lyrics and tell me it doesn't sound like it came straight from a fantasy novel. Always loved their stuff while PvPing.

    Any band that includes things like the warriors prayer in their music was made for games like this.

    Gods of war I call you
    My sword is by my side
    I seek a life of honor
    Free from all false pride
    I will crack the whip
    With a bold mighty hail
    Cover me with death
    If I should ever fail
    Glory, Majesty, Unity
    Hail, Hail, Hail.


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