The Broken are your Friend. This one doubly so…

I know a lot of people who are regular readers here like to play ‘Hunt the Rare Spawn’ in game. I’ve been doing it a long time, but with the exception of the Northrend and Outland achievements I rarely keep score or record what I find. However, that all changed when I killed a Rare in the Blasted Lands a few weeks ago and discovered that a much-loved quest in this zone had been linked to rare spawns. It’s all to do with Kum’isha, bless him, and his perennial search for the relics of his homeland. Let me explain:

Addons. Is there anything they CAN’T do…? :D

Silver Dragon
is a fabulous addon if you love hunting the silver spawns: it’s overriding advantage when bolted into Titan (for me at least) is the ability to see what rares exist in which zone. There’s also the benefit that when I find one, a HUGE BOX appears and a sound plays to tell me I’ve found it:

LOOK I HAVE FOUND A RARE11!!!11!11!! *cough*

Anyway, I digress. Rare spawns sub-60 haven’t really been moneyspinners for some time, until the Mog Gear farmers arrived that is, and now any item has the ability to be worth a fortune if it looks right. In the Blasted Lands, they are guaranteed not simply to drop a green quality item, but one of two specific additional items as well:

The Flawless Draenethyst Sphere and Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment have existed in this zone for as long as I can remember, only the mechanic of the quest had changed with the Sundering: before you’d go to Kum’isha who’d give you the quest to hand the items in if you found them. Now they will drop from any of the Rares in the zone: most will give the green quality but the drop rate for the blue is reassuringly common. Handing them in reward you with an Emerald Encrusted Chest for the Sphere: that will contain a blue item and occasionally another green. Hand in the Fragment and you’ll get Kum’isha’s Junk which rewards simply another green.

What makes this currently such a decent moneymaker, quite apart from the Mog probabilities, is the number of rares one can pick up in the zone if you get there early. This morning, for instance, I found four: Spiteflayer, Mojo, Magronos and one that didn’t even exist on my list when I arrived:

Hello Narixxus, you’re new!

From these four I pulled a sphere and three fragments, but that’s not all. These monsters, especially those in static locations such as caves, seem to share spawn points with the new and improved Azeroth Chests:

Chests = additional profits :D

In that chest? An Orb of Deception. Needless to say, keep your eyes open, there’s no telling what you might pick up. This is the only zone with a guaranteed bonus for your rare-hunters out there… unless you know differently…? :D

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