Here I am, failing. Again :(

Yet again, I have failed to win a Fishing Contest.

It’s becoming a routine on a Saturday: I’ll haver for a bit beforehand, wondering if it’s worth trying, then my Husband will remind me that I’ll never have a chance if I don’t take part. So, off I’ll go to Northrend, with hat and rod, my Water Walking potions at the ready, and I’ll pick a spot. Five minutes before the contest starts, inevitably, someone will come land next to me. Yes, I’m doing this too, as if to remind me that Fishing is still something people want achievements for. Not just me, lots and lots of people, if today is any indicator.

I know that if I’ve not seen the fish in under five minutes, that’s it. Only a Server collapse leaving me as the only on online will save me from, yet again, failing to get the Blacktip Shark.

Not gonna stop trying though. See you next week… :D

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