Well, maths actually, but you get the idea.

Number of tokens required for Swift Lovebird = 270
Number of days in Festival = 13
Number of tokens needed per day = 20.76 (or thereabouts)

Number of tokens available per day via quests using Friendship Bracelets = 25 (Crushing the Crown gives 5, the 4 Racial Leader quests give 5 each)
Number of Friendship Bracelets required to do 13 days worth of Daily Quests = 52
Number of Lovely Charms required to complete the above = 520

[NOTE: There is a daily that does not require bracelets at all and rewards 5 cards. You can use those to actually Achieve stuffs :D]

I can do 180 an hour with a Potion of Treasure Finding on in my grind zone of choice.  This means it will take a little under three hours to obtain enough Charms for a mount.

What is wrong with this picture?


I think I may have found a new moneymaker :D

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