Peddlefeet 0 :: Darkmoon Fair 1. They win for now… ^^

I wondered last night, as I drifted off to sleep, whether I’d be lucky enough to be able to farm Lucky Charms and Grisly Trophies simultaneously to cover both World Events currently ‘in progress’. Looking at the 100 mobs I killed this morning for the latter, it’s clear I’m not getting any of the former until I’m done with the Faire. Looking at the Internets, I’m not the only person reporting this, so I’m assuming it’s intended…

What is less clear is whether I will be forced to destroy my Dungeoneering Guide in order to allow the other item to function. I’m suspecting that’s a yes, which might cause an issue once Love is in the Air has passed. It’s a good thing there’s six inches of snow here and there’s nowhere to go for the day… ^^

[EDIT: Having killed 250 mobs for the Trophies, a Charm dropped on the next mob. So, no need to destroy my Guide :D]

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