Sick Hunter. Green slime optional.

Apologies for lack of Quality Gubbins today, but I’m not well. Lots of things hurt, some are not working at all and until my digestive system sorts it’s bloody life out, I am rather out of sorts. In good news I managed porridge for tea tonight without it returning (as yet) so that’s an improvement.

Anyway, if you assume I am doing the following until I say otherwise, we’ll be fine:

  • Daily ‘Love is…’ boss thingy to fail to get Mount. Getting many Toxic Wastelings though. PLEASE MAKE THESE BoE Blizzard!
  • Doing Darkmoon, ‘coz this will be a two pet week. TWO PETS.
  • Doing Lunar Festival. Bloody hell, needs more stuff.
  • Levelling shallow alts using all of the above in varying combinations.

Frankly, we need less stuff to do. LESS STUFF BLIZZARD!

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