LFR Ultraxion Trash, Pre-Nerf.

The event leading to Ultraxion now requires 15 Drakes killed, down from 24.

Today, you’ll need to negotiate 37.5% less trash to fail on Ultraxion in LFR. My first thought, I have to say, is WHY BOTHER?

I miss trash in Raids. I really do. When I walked into DS10 for the first time and saw the layout it was apparent that Firelands wasn’t a move back to making you work for your loot, it was simply a way to give you rep up to Honored. When I heard that Blizzard was considering a reduction in the drakes pre-Ultraxion my first thought was ‘I bet they just trash the event because too many people have whined it’s too hard/annoying/pointless.’ Reducing it does at least mean people cannot remain AFK until the boss pull, but I feel this is movement down a path that will only lead to more laziness and less learning. It needs MOAR TRASH guys, and it needs to be hard so people learn that you simply can’t cheese your way through encounters to get to the Purple. If the only purple you’re seeing currently is the above screen and a resurrection message, these players shouldn’t be allowed into LFR in the first place.

My husband, who is one of our Guild’s Main Tanks, doesn’t enjoy tanking in LFR. He was bemoaning a DK last week, who’s idea of doing his/her job was to chain pull what trash there was without a breath. His comment on this I found especially telling: ‘Anyone who pulls this fast just isn’t comfortable doing it.’ It’s the feeling I get so often in LFR from everybody: people are nervous, waiting for the first fight to break out, the first problem to occur or the first wipe to happen so the blaming can begin. The atmosphere being fostered in LFR is potentially far more damaging in the long run than comforting, and once Blizzard fix the issues with loot I find myself thinking that a lot of the problems that people think are tied to who rolls on what won’t vanish, they’ll simply become about how people play.

The trash in DS is, like it or not, secondary to the fights it precedes, and this is a dangerous precedent. Trash should be the way you get your eye in, where you can tell who is awake. It used to be where the bonus loot dropped too. I doubt we’ll ever go back to the days where in many cases the trash was harder than the boss fights (insert your own ‘annoying trash’ story here) and that makes me really sad, because this is how I learnt to play, back in the day. It’s how lots of us old timers did, guys, and if LFR is supposed to be a way of grasping how raiding mechanics operate. how about we make it so the stuff LEADING UP TO BOSSES teaches us something as well, even if that’s simply ‘DON’T CHAIN PULL NUBLET THIS IS NOT A CHUFFING HEROIC’ *cough*

Before I dissolve into a full on caps only shouty rant, let me just make one final point. I appreciate what Blizzard are trying to do, and it’s abundantly clear that what LFR has achieved allows far more people access to content. This is a good thing, I know, but unless people are learning something along the way then frankly there is no point to anything. Every day should be a School Day. Stop dumbing stuff down to appease those who make noise. Make them work for their gear. Teach them things by using trash not simply to inform them what colour does what kind of damage. Make them understand that dying when you can’t pull down Drakes because you’re too busy killing one mob after another is the ONLY TIME it’s acceptable to chain pull. Every ability has a context, learn to use the right ones in the right situations. If you’re not sure, ASK. While you’re at it, if you could make sure their gear’s enchanted and gemmed before they even start… well, there’s another problem for another day. I’m sure someone’s already working on that, right?

We need less nerfs to content and more people willing to learn. If people aren’t willing to do that, perhaps it’s time for Blizzard to simply port Warcraft to a console and make it single player ^^

2 thoughts on “Less Nerfs, NOT MOAR.

  1. I quite agree that the trash should be part of the 'this is how you raid' learning. The best trash should be a build-up to the boss fight in some way, either story-wise or fight mechanics wise.

    Some of it is just plain annoying though, and one third fewer drakes at that fight isn't a big deal if you ask me.


  2. I am getting to the stage where ANYTHING done to appease people who moan on forums is an issue. I suspect this is the Old Git in me rearing up, and it's probably time for a nice sit down and a cup of warm milky tea… ^^


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