… and here’s P, with a summary of last night’s events…

Last night, all told, was pretty damn good.

Let us put aside for a moment the Twonk Hunter in LFR who called me a ninja in Raid whilst whispering my mate (who already had That Polearm) asking him to roll on it for him. Let us point out that Deathwing dropped the polearm and two bows (neither of which I needed but both of the other non-idiot hunters did): random rolls gave everyone the item they required automatically. Hunter karma folks, never doubt it :D

Instead, I want to talk about how I felt when, after an hour or so of failure, I got Headed South.

I distinctly remember the first time I saw the Drake for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero being paraded around Stormwind by the guys who’d won them, about three weeks after the Expansion had launched. It occurred to me then that rewards like this have two functions: they are a way of visually indicating to people a level of particular ability, and they are a means to demonstrate that you exceed the gear requirements for the encounters. However complex these ‘tasks’ may be, they can be beaten, in every case by a combination of a) encounter comprehension (we get what to do) and b) numbers (we can outheal/tank/dps the requirements) If we take the achievement No Static at All as an example of this (which I have but three people picked up when we were doing Extra Credit Bonus Stage) it puts a great deal of emphasis on individual accountability. You can’t dispell the debuff Static Cling and achieve, the only way to get this is to avoid the cast, and that means you need to jump AT THE RIGHT TIME. It’s not simply about your own awareness, it’s also solid teamwork. That’s why I couldn’t fault those guys in the early weeks of Cataclysm. They worked well together, they got the encounters and, perhaps more significantly at that point, their gear allowed them to survive. Parking their mounts on the mailbox (and causing an issue) so people saw them however… different matter entirely ^^

Anyway, back to Siamat. Headed South is nasty, even at the stage where our plan was nuke the boss until he’s almost dead, nuke the adds and then finish the boss. With a 90% damage reduction buff for 90% of the fight it’s not simply about the dps, it’s also looking at your feet, avoiding stuff, movement and judicious use of cooldowns. It also depends on the gear and mana regen capacities of your healer, who has to spend a huge amount of time keeping four other people at a decent level of health so when they get tossed about as Phase 2 starts they don’t die and blow it. When we finally cracked it, I think it’s fair to say I really felt I’d earnt those 10 points. This isn’t like discovering the Darkmoon Faire, or getting Level 20 on an alt, this one goes up there in ‘Proper Hard’ Category, and makes me think it might be time to grade Achievements the same way as Blizzard intends to rate dungeons themselves: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze Achievements award no points, and would cover your basic multiples of 10: more significant levelling (L60, 70, 80 and 85) could be silver as they correspond with Expansions. Gold could be 90 and onwards coz if you’ve survived this long… ^^ You get the idea: grade achievements in terms of ACTUAL EFFORT REQUIRED, and give them points accordingly. In my mind, the Cataclysm Hero ‘set’ can be graded in three tiers: the balls in Vortex Pinnacle are a Bronze, No Static probably a Silver. Of the three in the Lost City, the Croc Death One is probably a Silver, and (if I’m honest) Kill it with Fire‘s about the same. I’d bet, if they were clever, Blizzard Devs could put one of each level of difficulty into a dungeon, allowing people to gauge their own level of competence, acting as a secondary indicator of gear level and encounter understanding.

Pre Tolvir, this was my list. Nine left to do now… :D

With all current raid content (with the exception of Heroic Mode in BWD, BoT and TotFW) being nerfed in some form, these Dungeon Achievements remain pretty much as they were when the Expansion began. There’s some genuine nasty ones in the pile, and I suspect the next few weeks will involve me sweeping up what I need to add another Mount to the stable. Needless to say, when I achieve I’ll feel like I’ve proper earned it.

I promise I won’t go and sit on the mailbox with it either :D

One thought on “A Sense of Achievement?

  1. Congrats on headed south, that one is nearly impossible for a hunter unless you get people helping you to do it specifically.

    I still am missing that one and a few others. I'll admit, I have not even tried to get the missing one since the first week so it is my own fault.

    That headed south is a huge one.


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