No, it doesn’t look that big. Really, it doesn’t… ^^

Right. Let’s get the obvious out of the way.

I did not collected pets seriously until somewhere into TBC. However, once I started, I may have been utterly obsessive traditionally thorough in my acquisition. This means, as of this moment I am the owner of 185 pets. I’m going to ignore the giggling and pointing from the back and I’m going to continue regardless, because I know what I am, and if you don’t like that… the Exit’s ——–>

[FX: Gym Door opens and closes]

So then, for both of you still here, let’s get to the point.

My one stop for Pet Info, the utterly indispensable Warcraft Pets, has the following to say on the upcoming use of my Vanity Pet Army in ‘Pokemon-style’ face-offs:

You will be able to customize the name of each of your pets. This name will appear in battle.

Once my enthusiasm for inventing new pet names had waned, the full horror of the task ahead finally sank in.

I have to rename 185 of them.

But hang on, that number’s likely to go down, because I’m betting you won’t be battling with Balloons, right…? RIGHT? No, actually, just to be safe, I could just do the thing, get it out of the way, and I could try and be a bit clever at the same time. I’ll admit I’m aware that the names I give will provide a (probably unintentional) glimpse into my psyche. Hell, even naming them Pet #1 to Pet  #185 (as my husband helpfully offered when I told him about this) says something about the kind of person I am. However, when it all comes down to it, there’s one thing this entire project will work brilliantly as, and that’s Blog Posts. If I did five names a day, I could fill up the next thirty-seven days without having to worry about writing anything else… ^^

So, it’s settled. In good news, I won’t be doing this and nothing but for a month and a half. I like you guys far too much for that. What I will do is attack them in groups, and provide some explanation for each one as I go. It will also give me an opportunity to take some ‘nature’ shots of each pet in their natural environments, in a desperate attempt to look like I made an actual effort. As a result, let’s try out my ‘sample’ layout for the one pet I’ve actually managed to name thus far:

Still not actually looking that Giant ^^
Appearing slightly bigger IRL

.grdbdy {background-color:; font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-weight:bold; font-size:12px; text-align:center; color:#111111 }
The family has, for the last few weeks, been watching the Harry Potter films from the beginning. My husband professed an interest in seeing them all when Philosopher’s Stone was on TV over Christmas and so I bought the box set in the New Year sale and we’ve been ploughing through it ever since. I already have a Hedwig on one of my hunters (the Ghost Owl from Felwood) so Scabbers was a no-brainer as the name of choice. Let’s hope he’s not actually an Animagus… ^^

Well, that’s one down. Only another 184 to go… ^^

4 thoughts on “185 Names for Pets…

  1. I could not even imagine renaming all my pets and I only have 143.

    I do however know the “team” of three I plan you use.

    Murkimus the gladiator, tiny sporebat and snowshoe rabbit will be my team.

    Murk has a shield, so he has to play tank.

    Sporebats are the best hunter pet in the game, don't believe me, go to youtube and type in best hunter pet and watch and see.

    Then there is the sweet and innocent rabbit will turn into something out of monthy python and the holy grail for the win.

    It is a winning team without a doubt.

    Doesn't mean I could ever give them names even if I thought up a team and the reasoning's behind having them on the team.

    I do not envy you if you actually plan to name them all.


  2. I will only name my favourite pets. I am a collector and I do have favourites… I do have pets I dislike (like anything that came out of the egg from Oracles that was of white quality!!!!).

    I wonder how many same names we'll have? :)


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