If a job is worth doing, do it properly :D

Yesterday was Pet Making Day.

A Guildie was lamenting the prices of Vanity Pets in the AH. It’s been a while since I’ve looked, mostly because the AH can no longer feed my Companion needs, and prices are indeed utterly ridiculous, especially when it comes to the manufactured engineering pets and those easily bought for less than a gold from Horde sellers. I knew what I was going to do, feeling rubbish with my bad throat (Doctor’s Appointment incoming!) and so off I went. The fruits of my labours remain in the first bit of the Vanity Bank above after gifting various Guildies: Mechanical Bunnies, L’il Smokies and Pet Bomblings. Next up on the manufacture list: Tranquil Mechanical Yetis and Lifelike Mechanical Toads (which my husband has the recipe for, that sells on my AH for five figures)

The Horde Hunter again came in to use as I did a quick fly about picking up Dragonhawks, Snakes and Cockroaches: next stop will be Prairie Dogs. I should also pop up to see the Consortium Dudes in Stormspire for their pet collections, Breanni in Dalaran for her pet selection and finally off to Ironforge for the Snowshow Rabbit. All of these pets have unlimited availability and seem to sell well, even after (in some cases) seven years. It seems therefore a good idea to spend the week looking at sales and average prices to give an indicator of whether these items have decent long-term saleability…

I have to admit I had a great time gathering mats and ‘making things’ yesterday, it seems to especially suit my demeanour when I’m feeling under the weather. I’ll put the Horde pets up for sale this morning, and then we can see whether the time spent yesterday adequately offsets the financial gain :D If it does, I might well add this as another permanent string to my AH Bow…

2 thoughts on “(NOT) The Littlest Pet Shop

  1. I am the worst maker of money in the history of WoW I think. I don't think I can play the market to save my life. I can only do it by the hard work of dailies and living off raid gold and tips from enchants. And I never ask for tips so I do a lot of freebies.

    But those pets look like they'll turn you a tidy profit!


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