This wasn’t the post I was going to make, but I thought this might be of interest to you guys… especially considering the amount of information not currently covered in the Official Documentation…

This is going to be popular… ^^

I had an old account I let lapse once I’d transferred the one character I was playing on it to another account last year. I’d been using it for place-holding possible Cataclysm names, to be honest, and to save some money before Christmas I’d just let the subscription lapse. For the price of one month’s sub I could get myself a Spectral Mount… and frankly, it had to be done. I’ve ‘resurrected’ myself mostly out of curiosity and I am very glad I did, because it’s apparent this new ‘promotion’ is significant for both current players and for Server Economies. This is how the process works:

Once I got the e-mail (from myself), I was taken through a three stage process in Battle.net. I was asked to pick the appropriate alt to ‘level’, and then to choose a spec for my Hunter (like I’d have picked anything else) who was, up to this point, sitting at the Starting Area in Teldrassil. I was then informed of the following:

  • I’d get bags and food appropriate to my level. No bank slots are bought, it’s just your character slots.
  • I’d be given 280% Flight Training (and it appears, a Swift Purple Gryphon :O) This package also includes the Azeroth Flight License and Cold Weather Flying… I went to Northrend to check.
  • I’d learn all appropriate flight points for a L80 character, but nothing is discovered.

Having completed the process I logged in and saw the resurrected character still showing as L1 until I’d cleared the Loading Screen: then I was teleported to Stormwind and appeared in a complete set of L232 Green Gear, appropriate to my new level… plus I had a full set of Frostweave Bags, 20 bandages, some DPS food and 75g ^^ It’s a decent looking set as well… :D

Instant Alt. Just add depth ^^

This is going to be popular. An instant new character, ready to dungeon with, pre bagged and just needing some love. My L81 Horde, levelled ‘traditionally’ still doesn’t have the gear to do the Cata Normals :( Expect the EU servers to melt as the day goes on and loads of people take up this offer… ^^


1: I gifted the Mount to P’s account, but am unable to access it, I assume once the seven days of ‘free’ time expires and I move to my ‘payment plan’ that this will change… ^^

EDIT: Confirmation via Twitter that this is the case:

If you want answers, Twitter is your friend :D

2: Resurrection Spec provides you with 450 First Aid Skill as standard :O

No pet, no professions, but I can heal myself :D

3: ATTENTION SCRIBES! These characters may be pre-specced, but they’re not pre-glyphed. The smart scribe should be able to make some money in the coming weeks from the Glyph Market… :D

10 thoughts on “Resurrected (and it Feels So Strange)

  1. From the information:

    When do I receive my mount for resurrecting a friend?

    Your friend must accept your Scroll of Resurrection invitation and renew their subscription for you to qualify for the mount. In order to qualify for the mount, your friend must renew their subscription after accepting the Scroll, and pay for at least 30 days of game time.

    Wonder if I can talk my hubby into coming back now, or using his account to claim it.


  2. Seph: You don't ^^ I've done all of that, but my sub doesn't 'technically' start until 7 days from now, after the week of free game time, so I can only assume that after that point I'll have the opportunity to claim my Mount… ^^


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