… to recount a story, about some ‘chick’ that levels dwarf females ^^

One lunchtime she was checking her site stats, as she does whilst faffing online, to discover she’d garnered a large number of hits from a link which originated from Blizzard’s Forums. As a rule, being linked in this way isn’t a good thing, especially if you a) didn’t do it yourself or b) you didn’t get warned beforehand that someone else was. So, off we went for a look.

The post I came across is linked here.

It is one thing to be randomly complimented by people you know, but it is something altogether more special and amazing when someone you’ve never met garners you with the same. As a result, there was a short period after I read the first post where frankly, there was much amazement.

I remind everyone who ever decides to start a blog, for whatever reason, to remember that your words can have an impact far and beyond what you may think is possible. Pick them with care, and make sure that when you write, it is what you really want to say.

Most importantly of all, remember that without readers, this is all a bit pointless. As a result, I’d like to say the following:

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