Another day, another Tournament Mount :D

Now, this one I like :D

The Quel’delar Steed has quite an understated look about it, and it is (I think) one of the few actual white mounts in game, which means my Mage will have her eyes on this once the system goes Account-wide. Once I’d finished this earlier I realised that there were some Midsummer Fire Festival achievements I’d not done (which is odd coz I’m sure I did them last year) so I picked off a couple, leaving the last two to do this evening. I am considering whether it is worth the effort to actually farm any blossoms this time around. A pet is 350 of the buggers :/

It’s a STUPID HAT. Just DON’T.

Needless to say, I won’t be spending any blossoms on the Fondue Helm. That must have taken minutes of thought, Blizzard ^^

I’m going to have a fair number of blossoms on P once I’ve knocked off those last bonfire achievements, and with the Daily Ahune Fail I suspect I can accidentally fall into farming at least one. However, with the Account Wide Achievements coming the only reason I now have to do anything on anyone other than P is the title, and I feel that’s not nearly a strong enough incentive. I assume that if I took someone from scratch and did the farm I’d end up with enough blossoms, so I will consider my position tomorrow and (possibly) commit someone at the weekend. I guarantee though people will be selling these pets for far, far less than they are really worth in terms of time taken to actually farm them. As a result, it might be the time to buy them outright from the AH.

Needless to say, this Festival will not be one I’m taking an active interest in for the first time in many years.

3 thoughts on “#137, Fondue Helms and Not!Farming

  1. There are a few new achievements added, if you are interested. But I am in the same boat. Outside of those, nothing for me to do there. I have the pet on one of my alts but all my people will have it now. Will still try to get it on my main daily.


  2. Yeh, the reason you won't already have them is because the achievements for the Northrend and Cataclysm fires weren't added until the last patch despite the fires already being in the game.


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