… pretending I could win a Gold Medal… :D

A Guildie asked today whether I think we’ll see the Interim Patch this week. I am still working on the theory we’ll see it drop the 21st/22nd of this month, and as a result that’s two more weeks of furious faffing before I actually have to start thinking about Proper Serious Stuffs [TM] As a result, this week you can expect the following:

  • Pally to 85 (see previous post)
  • Some serious action in Scholomance. Yes, I KNOW that doesn’t change until Pandaria but I have at least one alt who wants multiple pieces of gear that won’t exist for much longer. I’d also like to send my low level Horde tailor into there to see if Jandice is still dropping the Soul Bag recipe… :D
  • Grisly Trophies. Tickets make Darkmoon Pet Prizes :D
  • There’s at least one person who could do with some Faire Points for cookery and fishing, possibly first aid, I need to log on and check…
  • More money-making faff. I managed to hit my weekly total this week without too much effort, which means after next week I will be able to afford my Mammoth without breaking sweat.
  • Finishing off odds and ends, farming recipes I don’t have… see faff above.

P has all her Tournament Mounts, and is still vainly attempting to wrest mounts from both Anzu and Skadi. It is not going well… :(

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