Another Hunter, A Different Server… :D

I owe a fairly large debt of thanks to the good bürgers over at WoW Insider. Quite apart from the fact they have given the Pet Database a wider audience, the site comes up with interesting nuggets of information on a daily basis, and that’s not an easy task I know (from personal experience) One particular piece, which snuck under the radar in early August, has had me thinking the last few days: it suggests, assuming that the conditions on beta remain when the game goes live, that it could be possible to use pets to earn money on multiple servers. 

The concept is very simple:

  • All your vanity/battle pets are now linked to a central ‘stable’ which you can access regardless of what server (or faction) you are playing on.
  • Once you learn how to ‘cage’ a pet it can be caged anywhere, ON ANY SERVER.

Caging is the key here: because once a pet is caged, it’s bind-free and can be sold. Assuming this remains intact once the game goes live, I will be able to:

  • Sell my spare pets from my ‘main’ on her server’s AH
  • My Horde alt on the same server will be able to sell spare pets as well (once caged)
  • My L52 Hunter (see above) on Server B will be able to sell spare pets
  • The L1 Horde alt I make on the same server… and so on

The potential for this is quite staggering, and (I suspect) may force Blizzard to stick a level cap on a character’s ability to cage. Even with this people could still pay to server transfer to the most densely populated servers for the sole purpose of access to their AH’s… On the flip side, this would allow my ‘stable’ access to pets being sold across multiple servers, if I were looking for a particular BoP pet to add to my collection.

It would also (theoretically) allow me access to the Black Market Auction House for pet sales across multiple servers. Let’s not go there just yet.

The hunter I just introduced above has lived on Server B for a while, and has sat largely idle since she was transferred there. She has a small amount of money, and suddenly she’s a Person of Interest. This gives me the option with my extensive pet surplus to sell on a secondary market, not flood my primary market, and see if I can establish a Small Business Empire that spans two servers.

Really, it has to be done :D

3 thoughts on “A Small Empire to Begin With…

  1. In a much smaller, but similar, scale, I've started looking for a certain mount on my second server. Not for resale, but to learn. While this mount would be 50k on my small to medium server, on the second high-pop server it's only about 15k. Of course the value of gold is relative in another way as well. The chars on main server could combined afford a couple of the most expensive one, while the chars on the second server couldn't afford the cheap one.


  2. Both you and Laeliweyn have bought up some awesome ideas.

    Buy a mount on a server where it is cheap to get it on the expensive one is brilliant.

    Selling pets on another server could very well be a fantastic way to start on a new server with an alt. Love it.

    Thanks both.

    I knew about the pet thing being on all character but had not thought of the mount or pet things you both mention.


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