Woah WOAH WOAH hang on there a minute… there’s a CAMPAIGN? Screenie from joystiq.com

I am rather concerned at what I’m seeing on the PTR.

Forget for the moment the Legendary Pokemon Battle Pets, the BLACK TEMPLE scenario (there’s a whole other post right there folks, stay tuned) or the fact that suddenly Player vs Monster is going to actually Be A Thing. I’m frankly perturbed, and it’s all to do with the bloody mess that was made at the Temple of the Jade Serpent. It appears that no lessons have been learnt at all by my faction, and despite screwing up big time we’re about to start a land war in Asia military campaign in Pandaria.

I’m sorry, at what point did this escalate into a legitimate conflict?

The Alliance were sent to Pandaria to rescue the King’s son. Forget for a moment he didn’t want to be rescued and has now established himself as the de facto Alliance ambassador to the Pandarians. Forget the fact that we lost pretty much everyone that we were sent with to undertake this task. I’d also pretend not to think about the absolutely appalling way we’ve ingratiated ourselves with large sections of the indigenous population… frankly this is too big a land to want to conquer, surely? Have no lessons been learnt from the war in Northrend at all? Apparently not, because I’m being told now I’m expected to ‘valiantly defend an outpost’ I think is both badly considered and frankly unacceptable on a continent with such a rich cultural diversity. We should learn about this new land first before we trample it underfoot with a sea of tanks and soldiers. Seriously, who ON AZEROTH is advising the King these days…?

Ah yes. Jaina. This one’s also clearly for Theramore… :(

I have not for many years considered wanting to leave the Alliance, but yesterday after seeing the ‘video’ that accompanies the push into Karasang, it crossed my mind. The thing is, of course, I’d not want to switch factions either. I want no part of Garrosh’s plans, his agenda even more shaky than Varian’s. I want to be without a banner to call my own. I’d live to go native and lose myself in the beauty of this new land: undertake expeditions for the Explorer’s league, learn more with the Lorewalkers. The beautiful southern coasts of this land that I now consider my home for the next couple of years is about to be destroyed by warmongering fools who clearly didn’t read ANY of the intel I am gathering regarding the way this place works. I am going to be forced into a version of ‘Modern Warfare’ and frankly, I’m not happy.

Of course, this move represents a masterful piece of storytelling. I KNOW there are spoilers out there that explain a lot of what is going on, but I frankly refuse to see them until its time. Knowing how Blizzard now have adopted the ‘you quest here first BEFORE it becomes an instance’ mentality I’m unreasonably excited at what other parts of the game may be dragged into this particular conflict. Nothing is currently off the table, all of a sudden it is genuinely exciting wondering just what the heck is going on. The fact remains however, I know full well why no-one else has proceeded past the ‘arrive at the Carrier’ part of the Alliance quest line thus far, and it has nothing to do with my obsession with leeks. This is because I don’t like killing the Horde this time around, and the more I consider the options the more I’d really like to have the opportunity to set myself as neutral.

This is a war I don’t want, but I’m an inescapable part of. The next few months will be very interesting indeed… ^^

4 thoughts on “A Worrying Turn of Events

  1. Maybe it's because I've been through the questline three times already, but it's clearly stated by Sky Admiral Rogers that she's departing to go escort the fleet which would be there “within two months' time” or something to that effect. Note to Adm Rogers; loose lips and all that, Ma'am – please use a bit more discretion. Ma'am.

    ANYHOO … my point is, this “campaign” is no big surprise. Actually, even without that foreshadowing, we have Tol Barad as an example of how the Alliance reacts to newly-spotted land masses. EXPLOIT ALL THE THINGS. I'm guessing Varian is looking for stonemasons that do NOT have a grudge.

    As a stout Alliance citizen, myself, I do have to say that I see great justice in striking back, though my inner self may want to take a year or three off between battles. Saving the world takes a lot outta ya.

    Without disclosing spoilage, what I've heard pretty much eliminates any hope that Garrosh is either honorable or reasonable, and his apparent actions quite provacative – it's unlikely that Varian will reconsider his course of action in light of events.


  2. Don't say we have to lose again :(

    Personally every time I question whether we need a war, I think of poor innocent little Spot in his kennel in Theramore …..

    Yep, Horde need to die!


  3. Forget Spot. For Smiling Jim!

    Varian is always split. The perfect result for him would be for his son to win a casualty free diplomatic victory. His problem is that the Horde are coming. If they establish a beachhead then there will be nothing the Horde army and Prince Anduin.


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