That’s the Bunny!

The people playing this game, even after eight years, retain the ability to utterly amaze me.

That’s the Darkmoon Rabbit IN MY BAGS. Late last night, after finally pulling the second Hunter to 90 (I’ll need to level another class to max for an achievement) I came back to P to pick up the foodstuffs I’d mailed to myself to put in my Portable Fridge. There it was, except I had no idea it was because it was wrapped. When I opened it… well, I can tell you what happened in my head when I did:

Repeat to Fade.

I am well aware of who bought me this. I’ve never met them IRL, my only contact in eight years with them has been in game. To say I am staggered and amazed would be the mother of all understatements, but I suppose I only have myself to blame. The person concerned has been a regular reader of my blog pretty much since the word go and if I will write about this stuff, inevitably there will be consequences. I put off someone else from buying me a pet earlier in the week because I didn’t want other people dropping cash on in-game items when they’d be better off spending it on actual useful stuff over Christmas. Ironically this isn’t the only random act of Gift Kindness I’ve received (more on the other later in the week.)

I really can’t thank the person concerned enough, and although I’d consider it a huge extravagance I’m guessing they’d simply look at it as yet another savvy AH purchase that will make someone Kermit Flail pretty much indefinitely, as at least one of those things encompasses what they enjoy so much in-game. Perspective is something I consider a lot when I write about Warcraft, and this is a perfect example of viewing something from two vastly different positions: it’s not a huge money sink, it’s the perfect gift, which (when I think about it in that way) it utterly and totally is. One item I never thought I’d ever own I will now learn and level when I next log in, and I will make sure I name him as a suitable reminder to the person who was generous enough to give him as a gift.

There is something about the Warcraft Community that is undeniably amazing: too often people like me focus on the negative (I suspect because often that makes for better copy) without remembering what inherent good lies in the hearts of so many of those who play. Christmas is all about the gift of giving and sharing, about making other people’s lives better and bringing joy and happiness to others. I don’t think anyone has ever been as generous to me in game, but there have been countless moments like this, random pockets of utter joy and amazement that have reduced me to tears. Thank you to everyone who has been there with me on this journey, and to all the players who have contributed to making this game something really rather special indeed.

Thank you again to my Guildie for the Rabbit. Never has been a small bunch of pixels so gratefully received, and never will such generosity be ever forgotten. Merry Christmas to you, and to everyone I am lucky enough to have as friends in game.

4 thoughts on “Simply The Best

  1. That is *so* awesome! Thank you for posting about it and reminding us about the good in the world.

    My grandfather always said that we should strive to make the world a better place as a way to say 'thank you' for being alive. Needless to say, you've improved world [and Azeroth, natch!] a FAR better one, and this story really brings it home for me.

    Have a great holiday!


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