There’s been a lot of Class Love in the air over the last few weeks: Lae started it all with Death Knights and this week it’s all about Druids: heck, even Murlocs have gotten in on the act! However my interest is in what happens next week, as it’s the time to throw the spotlight on my favourite class. There’s a reason why they’re the most popular class in the game: either stupidly easy to pick up, or far too complicated depending on your outlook. They’re the guys you never want to meet in 5 mans or the unsung heroes of instances. They’re your worst nightmare in LFR or they’re 24th and AFK, running into a wall. You either love them or hate them, but you can’t escape them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to announce that in conjunction with Lae’s Grand Plan, and as of September 1st, ALT: enative enters it’s OFFICIAL FIRST EVER Hunter Week :D

High Quality Graphics ‘R’ Us (TM)

I’m going to make this an annual thing (just because I can) and therefore starting Sunday we will be talking ALL HUNTERS, ALL THE TIME (at least until the 8th), and we’re asking the good people of this parish to participate with your favourite hunter tales, to tell us why you love/hate the class and generally add to the awesome nature of the experience. To this end, you’ll want to be telling me what you are doing for Hunter Week: you can either tweet me @AlternativeChat, or e-mail me using laughinggeek (at) gmail (dot) com where I will be happy to add you to the (hopefully) rotating door of Hunter Goodness.

I’ll be covering a range of topics, which is likely to include what I’d like to see introduced to further improve THE OBVIOUS AWESOME, a look at some Hunter History (you can blame that on the back of a week of museum visits) and what I like to do with the (vast range of) Hunters I have at my disposal. I’ll also be starting YET ANOTHER HUNTER to experience what life’s like for the neophyte beginning their journey after almost nine years of the class, and I’ll be asking for your help via Twitter in order to guide my way. 
After all, you can never have enough hunters. NO REALLY YOU CAN’T STOP STARING AT ME.
So, all that’s left now is to find a comfy spot in the newly completed Hunter Chillout Lounge and relax in anticipation of what is to come. If you’ll excuse me I’ll be off to shove hundreds of bits of pineapple and cheese onto hunter arrows as our pre-celebration entrees… :D

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