Northrend. Ah the Memories.

First up: congratulations to the Guild last night for beating Norushen a) without the use of a strategy guide and b) and being utterly AWESOME whilst doing so. We’re not setting ANY speed records this time around but you know what, that’s totally fine. Next up is the Sha of Pride. All we have to do is make the tanks remember the name of the boss, and remind them to stop trying to protect us from everything. Easy game!

With less than a week to go, I am sure there are those of you who will be quite relieved to see the end of the Blizzcon Countdown, because this time next week I fully anticipate having an AWFUL LOT of new stuff to discuss. As a result the site here will be undergoing a few (subtle) changes: the Podcast is going to get its own area, and I will be ACTUALLY INTRODUCING FEATURES. I never used to do this because that would mean having to find specific subjects to talk about on a regular basis, but I feel the time has come to perhaps start making an effort and to make this shed of a site look a bit more… well, coherent. Needless to say, as of November 11th, it’ll all make sense. Oh, and if you’re here because of the faff, it will finally be taking its place as a bona fide part of this experience.

Please don’t expect proper news site’s levels of organisation, in fact you’d be best set not expecting any level of actual competency at all. Just be aware if stuff looks like it’s changed, that’s probably deliberate.

We now return you to your normal Sunday experience :D

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