HOW much work is five minutes of audio???

So, I have an apology to make. I’m late with my Wednesday post, and it’s all my own fault.

For those of you who don’t know, I launched the first episode of my new project this morning, Azeroth in 5. The plan is simple: the previous week’s news about Warcraft, in podcast format, in five minutes. However, actually making this takes considerably more than five minutes, especially when Blizzard change their mind about something overnight and you make a pretty significant mistake and go off-script. As a result there has been considerable flailing of arms and much panicking, plus the issues of having to run two browsers to accommodate different versions of Google simultaneously. It may be difficult to do all this on a zero budget, but it teaches you tons about logistics and how the Internet works. On that score, this morning has indeed been a huge success.

As a result of all this other net palaver, I’ve not had much time to dedicate to faffing in game, apart from getting a couple of alts sorted with Battle Pet Teams to level. However, the chances for alt levelling are definitely looking up, as is further material mass production using farming. This week I hope to start preparing for the January edition of The Accidental Goldmaker: on the back of this I’ll have a guest post to debut later today by Marcus Ty, who was good enough to invite me onto the weekly podcast he does with my good Twitter chum @NevAHAddict. You can find my appearance from the weekend here at the Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast site. There’s also an appearance on the Girls Gone WoW podcast from Sunday (warning, contains a fair deal of not suitable for kids discussion, and possibly not appropriate for some grown ups too ^^)

As you can see, been quite busy around these parts, which inevitably leaves very little time for actual game playing, but I must take this opportunity to congratulate my Guild who, on Saturday, cleared the entire second wing of Siege on Flex pretty in an evening as a series of seamless (and one shot) pulls. I’m really proud of everyone and I’m looking forward to starting in Wing 2 on Saturday evening with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Garrosh may yet be attainable before the Expansion hits… so at some point too this week there must be some making of raid consumables. I’ve already scraped together all the odds and ends I had for a full stack of Full On +300 Noodle carts, just need to sort out flasks…

Oh, and amongst last week’s subsidiary faffs, I finally learnt all the daily Transmute Leatherworking recipes. GO ME.

Oh yeah, and cheers, Nat :D

There’s a load to do, and I think just for this week we might revisit this feature on Friday morning when I finally have my life in order…

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