One Orc and his Drake (DED!)

Normally it’s song titles as blog post headers, but as the Oscars was yesterday this particular disambiguation is too good an opportunity to pass up. Ever since the Mortal Races got left to do their own thang by the Dragon Aspects at the end of Cataclysm, it’s been looking increasingly perilous for not simply their species in general, but those of us who used to make our living crafting items from them. Sources of raw materials have begun to dry up, and with what we know of the future it is possible many pieces may become almost impossible to create. In fact, with what could be massive changes to professions coming in Warlords, how important will Dragonscale even be in the general scheme of things? Some of the most striking pieces of crafted mail can be found in the 1-60 level range, including the Iconic Black set still favoured today by hunters, and may become as endangered as the animals from which they are derived.

If you have the recipe, last orders on
crafting may be soon…

Dragonscale has been on the Azerothian ‘Endangered’ List for some time [*], since Cataclysm wiped out the indigenous Red and Blue populations from the world. There is a lone rare mob in Winterspring (Azurous) that might be skinned for Blue scales if you’re really lucky, and if you kill Cromaggus once a week in Blackwing Lair you could also pick up both Red and Blue. However, by far the most productive method (and by that I mean guaranteeing between 3-5 Scales per trip) is killing the Chromatic Dragons in UBRS and Gyth, Rend Blackhand’s personal transport. Once UBRS evolves, there’s no indication these mobs will remain as a supply. The only other Dragons in the world will drop Worn and Green (Sunken Temple plus various Rare Spawns) or Black (Blackwing Lair, the dragons in the Burning Steppes no longer can be skinned for scale) with any measure of consistency. Oh, and it’s entirely possible one type of scale could vanish altogether, as there’s only one recipe in game that still uses it, if (like me) you’re lucky enough to have pulled the recipe from Dire Maul back in the day. That’s the Chromatic Cloak above, and without these Scales, you won’t be able to craft it.

Going bye-byes with (I suspect) a measure of certainty.

So, if UBRS has its dragon population decreased, a lot of currently quite easy to make recipes could be come considerably harder to come by, which is a shame, because there are some absolutely CRACKING potential mogs out there that can made using them, and at least one pattern that might vanish for good.

Pay attention to the

If you are a completionist and don’t yet have the Red Dragonscale Breastplate recipe in your collection, you might want to consider farming it for two reasons: mainly because it is one of the VERY few recipes that is Bind on Pickup, but secondly because the drop rate generally is criminally low. Drakkisath holds onto this and I only managed to get my hands on it in the last year via some fairly intensive farming, so you may want to do it on a day when the lucks are with you. In terms of look it is identical to the Mercurial Breastplate (E my Belf is wearing the trousers and boots from that set) so if it does vanish, there is no great loss. However, there are at least two items that might become REALLY hard to farm, and one is an absolute CRACKER.

Top half’s looking dicey…

There are three pieces to the Blue Dragonscale Armour: legs, chest and shoulders.Only the legs recipe is trainable, the other two are no longer available in game. The chest has only one comparable item that matches it (from a L28 Alliance quest in Ashenvale) whilst the shoulders are, like it or not, the ONLY single colour blue shoulders available for mail wearers. Therefore, if you mog a Shaman or a Hunter, this might be an item you want to get your hands on before Warlords, because the means for crafting these two could go from complicated to nigh-on impossible, assuming you’re lucky enough to own the patterns to begin with.

As a result, a new Shaman Mog
has appeared…

As I wrote my Mog Post yesterday it became apparent of the number of people who regretted not having gone to Scholomance before it was updated to grab the Bloodmail Legguards As it occurred to me now, you have plenty of time to make your choice about UBRS: we have no idea what the sub-100 version might look like, or what it might contain, but there’s a decent chance most of what now resides there is likely to vanish. I’m glad to say I went and snagged a Finkle’s Skinner during research for this piece, which will replace the Gnomish Army Knife in my bags as a souvenir to one of my favourite ever instances in the game, period.

They say that the best organisational tool you can ever possess is time. You’ve got it now. If you want to make Armour while the sun shines, this is probably your best chance. Away you go. I know I will be…


[*] Dragons indeed remain in the Highlands and in other areas, but as Evolution seems to be affecting the oldest surviving Dragon inhabitants first… ^^

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