Dressing up can be difficult…

Sometimes, try as you might, nothing goes right. Take my original idea for my rogue’s updated outfit, for instance. It looked FABULOUS in Mog It, but when I discovered the chestpiece was BoP (and you had to be an Elemental Leatherworker to make it) the whole thing got a bit messy. So, I went back to first principles, and I decided to focus on items I could actually craft, first and foremost, with a ‘signature’ item as a starting point. In this case these are the shoulders, available for Justice Points from a vendor. Of course, they’re a Druid item which makes the need to use them as a Rogue even stronger than normal. Why does that happen?

She’s never comfortable posing, this one…

Browns and yellows are quite easy to source for Druids. The blue glow from the skulls caused a bit of a moment until I remembered the Gem-Studded Leather Belt (which I think I’ve only made about twice) has a blue gem as it’s centre. After that, it’s all about complimentary items, and the mask appeared at the 11th Hour as a must-have addition because, heck, SHE IS STILL A ROGUE. The glow of the weaponry was what finally decided this colour scheme. It compliments perfectly with my enchant glows, and nothing says ‘exact match’ to me like this when it happens. In the end, however, I wanted something that was distinctive as a look but believable for a rogue. I think I’ve achieved that here.

Yellow glow for yellow runes… :D

Full list of Transmog Items is as follows:

2 thoughts on “Vogue :: The Disappointed

  1. I rarely mog and I haven't touched my rogue in that regard but I imagine the headgear would be my biggest dilemma.

    Obviously, a mask of some sort (or better, a hood with mask) is an obvious starting point… but I'd be really tempted to go with Cursed Vision of Sargeras, I've actually mogged one of my monks with that because the Ordos leather helm is so gawdawful and the monk happened to have the blindfold sitting in inventory at the time and, no matter how bad it looked, it would be BETTER. Turned out it was pretty slick.

    Still, hood/mask is probably the way to go for a rogue. :)

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