The time for havering has passed… ^^

There has been a lot of discussion around this Parish on how important gathering is likely to be when ‘playing’ Garrisons. Undoubtedly it has a great deal of significance when you grasp that it is raw materials that are at the core of the Work Order system.

To start a Work Order in the various Small Plot Professions buildings, you WILL REQUIRE the following:

Alchemy (Alchemy Lab):
5 x Frostweed .
Blacksmithing (The Forge):
5 x True Iron Ore .
Enchanting (Enchanter’s Study):
5 x Draenic Dust .
Engineering (Engineering Works):
2 x Blackrock Ore .
2 x True Iron Ore .
Inscription (Scribe’s Quarters):
2 x Cerulean Pigment .
Jewelcrafting (Gem Boutique):
5 x Blackrock Ore .
Leatherworking (The Tannery):
5 x Raw Beast Hide .
Tailoring (Tailoring Emporium):
5 x Sumptuous Fur .

This information is (I believe) current as to the existing Build on Beta, but if it isn’t please let me know.

This means you’ll need to obtain these things from somewhere. There are, of course, mechanics in place to allow players to do all of the ‘gathering’ in-house (no pun intended) and if you have a Barn, and unlock the Herb Garden and Mine, all these materials will eventually be at your disposal. However, I know what an impatient bunch you are, and with the inevitable push to gain access to top level recipes and items you’ll want not to rely on mechanics, you’ll be out there gathering until your pixellated hands begin to bleed 8-bit blood. As a result, I thought we’d start the weekend with some Builds that make the assumption that you’re either bring one or two gathering skills to the party, or maybe none at all.


Double Gathering Option
Brief: Deliberate material resale, Accidental Goldmaker, quick Draenor transportation.

Small Plots:
Enchanter’s Study.
Salvage Yard.

Medium Plots:
Trading Post.

Large Plots:
Mage Tower

Rationale: Unless you have Enchanting already, I feel that the Study is pretty much a permanent shoe-in as your first small Plot in ANY Garrison layout, because of the potential to make cash in the early months of the Expansion this ability will grant EVERY player (or conversely, the ability to use your characters to level an Enchanter simply by recycling gear.) Also, because of the number of people who may not realise the significance of the Barn in the crafted gear equation, having that maxxed could turn into quite the cash cow (no pun intended) if the market demand for blood initially outstrips supply.

The Trading Post at Level One allows exchange of Garrison Resources for A FIVE STACK of herbs, ore, fish, meat, cloth and enchanting dust. This is a useful source of extra raw materials for your gatherer and could *theoretically* mean you could assign this one character to cover all three branches of the craft simultaneously. In that case, as Herbalism and Mining provide materials from inside the Garrison from the Herb Garden and Mine, having Skinning as one of those two gathering professions would mean you can become self-sufficent for all raw material requirements.

Taking the Stables and Mage Tower as Large Plot options means the fastest possible and most choice in terms of transportation options for any gatherer to get to the areas they need to be, both quickly and efficiently.

Single Gathering Option (assuming Profession Synergy ^^)
Brief: Optimisation, top end equipment, Accidental Goldmaker

Small Plots:
Enchanters Study
Primary crafting Profession skill building

Medium Plots:
Lumber Mill, bulldoze, Trading Post

Large Plots:
Mage Tower

Rationale: If you want fast turnaround for your primary crafting profession I’d suggest starting with a Lumber Mill until you cap out at L3 and then shifting back to the Trading Post to maximise long term returns. Storehouse will allow you to keep production high. Barn will mean saving money on having to buy top end crafting materials from external sources.

Again, the two large building options will maximise travel time for gathering, which I suspect will put you at a distinct advantage as there is no flying in the new zones.

No Professions At All Option
Brief: VERY casual play, self sufficiency, no interest in top tier recipes, items to sell on AH

Small Plots:
Enchanters Study
Your First Profession Building of Choice
Your Second Profession Building of Choice

Medium Plots:
Trading Post
Lumber Mill

Large Plots:

Rationale: If you don’t have any Professions AT ALL on your character (I know, you are out there) this one is for you. You will end up with a Gathering skill by default (we have you now) and while you’re Logging you’ll realise that there’s a ton of stuff just lying about on the ground around you and you’ll want to sort that out and learn either Mining or Skinning as a matter of urgency. Don’t worry about skill level though, you’ll be able to gather everything in Draenor, just not as readily as you would if your skill is maxxed :D

The choice of Buildings you’d take as small plots is still not 100% clear. As a general guide I’d suggest Alchemy as you get an extra stack of potions at L2, and after that… go ask soemone doing more intense number crunching than I could ever manage. I’d suggest Engineering so you can team that up with your Workshop, which is possibly the most pointless and brilliant Building currently on offer UNLESS you like running around and showing off how completely you can obliterate everyone and everything else in your path. A lot.

The Trading Post and Lumber Mill mean that when you get bored of building, you can just exchange Resources for raw materials and sell them via the Auction House you’ll be able to open in your Garrison: no need to even go to a capital city!

There is no doubt Gathering is going to play a crucial part in effective Garrison planning. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the significance of the skills, and the effectiveness of these Builds in the comments :D

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