Without any fuss, and with no announcement, 6.1 saw many short-cuts in five Man Dungeons removed. The Tweet above references The Everbloom, which was possibly the most trivialised dungeon ever thanks to these ‘diversions’ which pretty much destroyed the point of the entire place to begin with. I’ve never done this place ‘properly’ since Warlords launched, and I now look forward to seeing what it should be like… except, of course, I won’t. There’s no need to go there any more, except if I was doing it on Challenge Mode, and as I’m being told, Blizzard are only now discussing this situation and the consequences of their move.

I’m sorry, but shouldn’t you have done that BEFORE you made the change?

The last week has been, it must be said, quite frustrating in some quarters. Decisions appear to have been made without considering consequences, features implemented without restrictions being properly announced… and time after time it takes players themselves to bring this to the attention of the Developers. I noticed someone in my Twitter feed in the week joyfully announcing they’ve been employed as a QA representative at Blizzard: well, that’s been distinctly lacking of late (assuming Quality Assurance means the same things on both sides of the pond.) In fact, in the Left Hand Right Hand Disparity Department, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, and with some urgency.

It is almost as if two different sets of people are trying to produce this game at present.

There’s no point in complaining, this is the way it is… ^^

What I’m finding amazing is that ‘testing’ this time around does not seem to have involved a lot of… well, testing. It almost seemed a surprise to the CM’s when people complained that after two days there’d only been one Professions Trader in North America because guess what? When you insist on using the Random Number Generator to spawn your NPC’s it means some days you get the same one twice. I have had concerns since Beta that feedback from issues in Draenor zones was not acted upon, and I’m seeing ‘bugs’ I thought had been fixed still popping up as I watch Mr Alt take new characters through the levelling process. This was bought home yesterday when I watched what is now an ex-player on Twitter complain bitterly about how the removal of individual Dev accountability thanks to the new centralised feedback system has effectively alienated a lot of players who feel decisions are now being made without clear consideration for the players and their classes.

There’s certainly a lot of muttering going on. That I can very much attest to.

– You can’t use Twitter integration without turning RealID on.
– Oh ^^

Then there’s a question to be asked: do you keep playing or not, if what you see isn’t what you like? My good, dear friend @Belghast messaged me yesterday to tell me he’d trawled through over 100 websites that had previously had some kind of regular commentary on Warcraft to find nothing. Zip. Nada. Of course, many people now use the more visual media (Twitch, You Tube) and audio (Podcasting) to display their unhappiness: I suspect therefore the timing of today’s Twitch Developer Q&A is anything but co-incidental. Blizzard is clearly trying to address as many avenues as possible for feedback, but the fact remains is that we really shouldn’t be talking about changes after the fact, it should happen BEFORE the game is altered, which was one of the key strengths of the individual developer ‘relationship.’ Giving people a face to direct their class queries to worked. Yes, there are quite obvious disadvantages to doing things this way but actually? Trying to homogonise this game through one portal or a single developer?

Well, look what happened with Ghostcrawler.

Whatever the future may bring, I still want to write about this game, even if large numbers of Blogging brethren are jumping ship. I know Warcraft blogging is beginning to show the strain, but I’m not going anywhere.

I just wonder if Blizzard have also noticed the deafening silence.

3 thoughts on “My Perogative

  1. “It is almost as if two different sets of people are trying to produce this game at present.”

    Nailed it right there. Their direction has, so far, been a complete mystery to me.

    I'm back playing now and if I enjoy myself (looks promising so far) then I will still blog. I'm pretty sure that if I'm playing, I can't shut up about it!


  2. That RNG. I have a guildy who has 8 level 100 characters (he's crazy but that's another story) and every single one of them had the Fur Trader on Tuesday. RNG is all very well but it's not hard to put in some simple checks to minimize this sort of thing.

    And yes, left hand and right hand, I've thought that for a while. It all smacks of that, or devs are spread too thin, or the infrastructure for changes flat out sucks. Or a combo thereof.


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