What we do in life, echoes in eternity…

Yesterday, a friend came up with an idea to regenerate Warcraft based on a concept that for some will strike fear into their hearts. Instead of what could be viewed as the segregated, exclusionist set of systems that has been presented by Blizzard, he suggested a radical alternative, something that would actively encourage a communal approach to every aspect of life in Azeroth.

He would like to see a return to the glory of the Colosseum.

I can already hear the groans from some, see the shaking heads and many even backing away from their computers, because of the way the mindsets of this ‘community’ have changed in the last ten years. So many are happy and comfortable in their own bubbles, safe in the knowledge that this is a set of circumstances they don’t want see changed, or indeed altered in any way. Azeroth doesn’t need a reboot, people just need to stop moaning and enjoy the game, and remember it’s just a set of pixels. No, we’re not obsessed with it at all, honest.

For a lot of reasons, I think the entire franchise could really do with being thrown into an Arena and told it needs to fight for its life.

LFR Queues became surprisingly orderly overnight ^^

We’ve discussed in this Parish at some length what could change in Warcraft to take us into the second decade, and I’ve had discussions with various people (including a proper game designer!) over the possibilities of a complete ‘reboot’ of the title as an option. The biggest single obstacle that stands between that and reality is the massive behemoth of personal experience. As becomes increasingly apparent, every single day I speak to players, the history we carry with us is as much a part of the gameplay experience as any number of dungeons or PvP Battlegrounds. Blizzard can’t account for the wealth and breadth of that feeling, simply because of the obviously very personal nature of the individual. So, at present, we’re pretty much ignoring the Elephant in the Arena.

Actually, that’s not true. I think Blizzard’s doing it’s level best right now not to piss anyone off.

10,000 spoons is not irony, simply a bad purchase decision ^^

The irony of this weekend’s shenanigans on the Blog is that I know full well that the last thing Blizzard are going to want to do at any point is intentionally upset or isolate ANY part of the playerbase at what could be a quite significant point in current Expansion proceedings. They, probably more than anybody in this particular equation, are aware that this is just a collection of pixels. To keep people interested means covering an increasingly wide number of bases, and by giving us more and more possibilities there’s not much chance of anyone getting bored… oh yes, except all you people who keep telling me you’re bored, but as we have established, that’s not necessarily the fault of the game.


There is too much to do, so people are making the choice to either not do any of it, pick their moments, or play 24/7… and in that regard, very little has changed since 2004. My daughter is 10 this week, and it was her birth that prompted me to pick up the game as a thing to do when breastfeeding in the wee small hours. I think that maybe it could be time to just dispense with my personal history and start from scratch. It would be frightening and uncertain times, undoubtedly, but there are moments in life when I think all of us really wish we could leave the past behind and take a clean slate.

Maybe this could be that moment for Azeroth.

2 thoughts on “Now We Are Free

  1. Wrath: 12-14 million subscribers. “WE ARE BLIZZARD… WE CAN DO NO WRONG!”

    End of Cataclysm: Down to 7 million subs. “HOLY SHIT WE HAVE TO CHANGE THINGS”

    Warlords: Up to 10 million subs. “Ooookay… okay… It's working…don't touch ANYTHING!”

    The success of Warlords may prove to be a curse as much as a blessing.

  2. Yet we have Twitter access, a selfie-function and a “This is NOT content”-patch in general.

    There are people, who like patch 6.1, so it's a controversial patch. They do offend people and they know they're doing. As early as three days into WoD, we'd “there better be TONS of content in 6.1”-threads. And 6.1 accentuates the world even more. I just don't know, whether we'd see garrisons as instances or part of the world. No loading screen, no lfg-tool that conveniently teleports you into your garrison, but also no other players until you want it that way.

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